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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Krystal Does Blockhead Radio

We want to give thanks to Krystal Hosmer, team leader for The Carried Away Etsy Bag Makers Team for being our fabulous guest on today's "Artisan Teams and Groups Show".

Carried Away has more than 80 members, all selling handmade bags, handbags, purses, wallets, zip pouches, diaper bags, totes or anything else made of fabric, leather, plastic, yarn or whatever can carry stuff.

Sol Sisters Studio

SolSisters Profile:

"I'm a graphic designer by day, fiber artisan by night. This blog covers all of my varied interests. About my bags: These handbags and accessories are crafted by Las Vegas artisan Krystal Hosmer, with a love to design and an appreciation for self-expression. Funky, flashy and downright wild, my purses are one-of-a-kind wearable artworks.

Get ready to be complimented and turn heads wherever you may journey. I create each purse using high quality fabrics, many of them handmade. Many of my purses are hand-embellished with buttons, ribbons, and beads. Like all fine works of art, your new purse has a name and a unique personality."

Member Shops:

Members: alamodestuff, Amaritimegirl, andreabaker, Antiquebasketlady, aprilsoriginals, areleldesigns2, atelierdesoyun, bagalicious, BagginIt, bagladee, bagsandbuds, bagsbytracy, beanbun, BeckyKayDesigns, BlackBags, BStauffdesigns, calissadesigns, capow, ceejaybags, ChicBoutique, craftsfromtheheart, crazyjeephoney, croppinggal, DeAnneDeSigns, debs1967, EmmaGordonLondon, gogovivi, gyniphr, Hamncheezr, handsfullcreations, hazelhoney, hazydesigns, HugsandHolidays, IndependentReign, indigo1, IslandGirlBags, jenniferladd, jensport, karenmeyers, LBaccessories, lilipadcreations, lisaastrup, londonpurple, luckyfinddesigns, madamecupcake, marciemarie, marymorra, MelliBags, mshandbags, nicherndesigns, nstitches4u, pandjcrafts, patchworkplace, perryartstudio, Pinkilicious, Poise, rebeccaaccessories, sewartsy, sewinghappyplace, solsisters, studiocherie, SundayAfternoon, teepetals, texasbeauties, thelaughingmouse, twistedprincess, uniquelynancy, ZenZBag, zigzagstitches


aprilsoriginals said...

LOVED the broadcast! Krystal is the best, thanks for giving our awesome team this opportunity!

SolSisters said...

you guys are awesome! I had so much fun this morning!


Congratulations. I love being part of this talented group of artisans.

ceejay said...

It's so awesome to be a part of the Carried Away Team. So sorry I missed the show!

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