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Friday, February 27, 2009

Artisan Teams and Groups--Etsy Angels 1 pm Eastern

Enjoy your Saturday with us here at Blockhead Radio as Lily from Tulips Treasure Box and her guest DJ Amanda spin some tunes, talk the talk and share the love! 1pm, Eastern right here on

Amanda from the Etsy Angels team will be the guest DJ with Lily and will tell us all about the Etsy Angels team, which can be found HERE. Amanda is an: Environmental Scientist by day and a Jewelry Artisan by'll have to tune in to find out more!!

Check out their lovely flickr page where you can check out some of their fantastic work!

Here are some of Amanda's pieces:

Amanda can also be found on Artfire and on RubyLane!

To find more of her great team members just search for "EtsyAngels"!

So come on down, check out the Angel goodness and enjoy the talk and tunes!!

Friday Night Free For All! Let's Party for Blockhead Rod!!

So one of our fearless leaders may be down and out.. (get better BHRod!!), but we can still have Friday Night Free For All!!!!!! Awesome indie music will be rolling and you can still hang out in chat, which is where it's AT! If you haven't already done so, sign up for your username and join us in chat! Feel free to post links, share your drink recipes and just relax!!

So grab your party hats....get your drink on..(your choice...doesn't HAVE to be alcoholic...we make no judgements here!) and come on down!

Party Hat Kids Pictures, Images and Photos

We want to see you there!!

Or the chipmunk gets it...............

Chipmunk Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Wow...Do I see a Flattened Cow?

Yes, yes you do! If you tuned in last night for Artisan Spotlight you got to meet Robyn of NothingLikeIt and her AWESOME flattened coasters!! I simply cannot describe them enough to give them justice! So here you go:

The coasters (and more!) are amazing. How funny are these? Be sure to check out her Etsy Shop Here and DEFINITELY check her sold items to see more of her great work. She welcomes custom orders!

She has has a lovely Artfire shop where you can find more of her amazing art, including some ACEO's.
Her blog is something you must see also!

And now you can own a lovely coaster from Robyn with this fantastic giveaway!

Check it out here: You can win the lovely Bessie, the Flattened Cow who wants you to help Save the Ta-Ta's!! So CLICK HERE and enter to bid on Bessie!! It's for a great cause!

**From Amy the Possum:
I apologize to Robyn for not having this written up PRIOR to the show, but I was away from my computer for FAR too long (I had withdrawals!) So thank you for coming on Blockhead Radio and happy flattening!!! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blockhead Rod's TuTu Challenge!

That's right, let's get Blockhead Rod in a TUTU!!! You know you've ALWAYS wanted to see a NASCAR loving, fishing, radio DJing, grown man in a full blown ballerina costume!

What's the deal? If Blockhead Radio sells 50 5k Impression Ad's by March 15th, our very own Blockhead Rod will don a tutu and let us share it with the world!!

Here's ALL The info you need!

WOOT for man in tutu!

We promise it'll be tasteful and no DJ's will be harmed in the making of the photo shoot.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last Days to Win FREE Advertising!!

Don't forget!!! You only have until 2/28/09 to get in your entries to win FREE advertising on Blockhead Radio!!! This is a GREAT giveaway! A FREE commercial, scripting and voiceover for YOUR business, website, etc!!

You will not find a better deal in advertising!

Click HERE for info on how to enter! It's REALLY easy, we promise!

Click here to find out more about all the advertising options on Blockhead Radio, including how you can help get Blockhead Rod in a TUTU!!!

Get your entries in..time is running out!!!

Happy Birthday Blockhead Rod!!!

Happy Birthday Big Guy!!!! Thanks for all you do, all the laughs, and the hard work!

Who loves ya baby? Blockhead Radio fans love you!!

:) Pictures, Images and Photos

Have a good one buddy!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you Brew Ha-Ha?

Well, you should!! Check us every weekday morning at 9 am Eastern for the Morning Brew Ha Ha! Join Blockhead Rod and AGoodWitchToo for coffee, laughs, odd news and excellent indie music. What will Witchy say today?

WITCHY Pictures, Images and Photos

Our Witchy is loading up the broomstick and moving soon, so she will undoubtedly have another fun tale about the joys of moving!!

Let's hope she checks the boxes before she closes them up....

Chopper on the moving boxes Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm Too Sexy for My TuTu...

Lest us forget about our little challenge here at BHR! Let's get our very own man's man, Blockhead Rod in a BALLERINA COSTUME!!

Yes, you read that right!! Get Rod in a TUTU!!

How? Well, we created a little challenge here at BHR, if we sell 50 5k Impression ads by March 15th, our very own Blockhead Rod will put on full ballerina gear and let us take LOTS of pictures of well as video...a whole photo shoot!!

Need the details? Not a problem! CLICK HERE.

So, help us torture a grown man!! Help us blog, twitter, myspace, facebook, etc, etc, etc this! And most importantly--buy some fantastic advertising here on Blockhead Radio so we can absolutely embarass Rod!!!

You won't find better rates or customer service than here on Blockhead Radio!!

So help us make this happen!!!!

Lunch Time Cafe, Noon Eastern DAILY! Got Lunch?

Grab your brown lunch sack and come join us for the Lunch Time Cafe on Blockhead Radio every week day at Noon Eastern! Get your requests in via the chat/phone/email and enjoy your lunch with some tunes and Blockhead Rod.

Remember your requests help our artists get on our top ten list! Support Indie Musicians!

Need to know who we play here on Blockhead Radio? Easy!! Just click this link: The songlist grows constantly! If you are an indie musician or know of one who wants their music played on Blockhead Radio, then check out our Music Submission Page.

Now for the real decisions....

Tuna fish or chicken salad sandwich?

sandwich 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, February 23, 2009

Top 10 Requests for Week Ending 2/22/09

Here are the top 10 requested song for the week of 2/16/09 to 2/22/09 on Blockhead Radio.

1. Brand New Dance....Citizens of Contrary Knowledge
2. Dancing Down Your Demons....Phil Putnam
3. Book of Lies...Miranda Vettrus
4. Big Log Chrissy Coughlin
5. Box of Fantasy...G TOM MAC
6. Brand New Car...The Stone Coyotes
7. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing...Hot Buttered Rum
8. Then We're Dead...Chris Huff
9. Ecstasy....Sabrina Shaheen
10. It Iten...Mike Burnes

Remember your requests set this list..........

Blockhead Radio

Artisan to Artisan Tonight at 9 PM Eastern--Get your blog on...

Come on in tonight at 9 pm Eastern and learn a little bit about jazzing up your blog and adding PayPal buttons to your blog so you can sell directly from your blog!! Who doesn't need a little help in marketing? Blockhead Radio wants to help!! Blockhead Rod and AGoodWitchToo will be there to hold your hand and help you learn more about this angle for your business!

You will want to have signed into your PayPal Account and Blog just before the show, to save time!

As always, great tunes will be playing!! Have a request? Mention it in chat and Blockhead Rod will spin it for you! Not sure who we play? Well, we ONLY play indie musicians, and to find out more about them, simply go to You will soon have you favorites!!

So come on over, join in chat, laugh, learn and call in if the mood strikes you! 24/7 live streaming indie music, exposing artisans to the world!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stay Up to Date On CPSIA!

Thank you to all those who joined us in chat and tuned in for our CPSIA 'Party'. While we know the fight is FAR, FAR from over, we at BHR wanted to show our thanks and support to everyone who has fought so long and hard for us! Several people have gone FAR and ABOVE the call of duty to help fight CPSIA and save not only handmade, but small business, and our rights as consumers, parents and ARTISTS!!

(If you do not know what the CPSIA is, FEEL FREE To email me at ANY TIME! Amy, (aka, Mama) can be found at or If I cannot answer your question (which is very possible..) I will know where to refer you to though!!)

If you need to know ANYTHING about CPSIA, the following sites should be on the top of your 'stay up to date' lists!! Most, if not all, of these sites have ways for you to subscribe and get updates in your emails.

Rob Wilson and crew at Join this community and make your own Ning page. Stay up to date, videos, blogs, and more! You can also find him on Twitter at:

Rick Woldenberg and crew at Learning Resources Site and Rick's Blog. Great blog posts, videos, and a strong fighter against CPSIA. Chances are if you need a contact for anyone...check Rick's blog...he has it! :) Rick is also on Twitter:

Dan Marshall and crew at Handmade Toy Alliance. Here you can find a video made by your very own Amy the Awesome Possum, contacts, how you can help, businesses in alliance, and more! There are also many more links on the sidebar of this site to help you navigate your way! There is also a Facebook page for Handmade Toy Alliance.

CPSIA-Compliant Suppliers Blog. BHR cannot verify the validity of any of these suppliers, however we share the link with you because perhaps that will help you in buying your supplies for your own handmade work or families!

Kathleen at Fashion Incubator, keeps us up to date on all things well as my fave part...SEWING goodness! :) Also run by Kathleen is National Bankruptcy Day. Kathleen can also be found on Twitter.

Walter Orson from Overlawyered continually eloquently and professional puts into words what we all feel! Find Walter on Twitter:

Contact the CPSC here about CPSIA.

CoolMomPicks has some helpful info also as well as the super cute bear badge you can have!

Obviously there are MANY more working to fight this, but this should get you going!! :)

HOWEVER, remember the CPSC cannot CHANGE anything about the CPSIA. Who can? YOUR lawmakers!! It is up to YOU to contact them, any way you can!! Find them ALL at If all you can send is a form letter, that's fine. But remember phone calls, snail mail letters and faxes work better than emails. In fact, most of the time you cannot email any representatives out of your district/area. So go ahead, Blockhead Radio gives you permission to kill some trees and WRITE YOUR LAWMAKERS!!

This CAN be changed but it is up to YOU!!!!!

Feel Free to snag this widget off The Possum's Personal Blog.


Random Artist Find.....

2LAKofINKco over at This is some REALLY fantastic handmade wooden goodness! Here's a little about this great artist, from the Made It Myself page:
"I started LAK of Ink co. more than a year ago for custom design and creation.
I have always been a highly creative person; I enjoy working in many mediums,
from illustration and painting, to sculpture and furniture. If it inspires me,
I will utilize it. Prior to marriage and children, I was very active with art.
For a time I hung up my pen for a hammer. In construction I have had the
opportunity to acquire a number of skills that I now employ, opening new doors
to creativity. LAK of Ink co. was born.

My wife has always encouraged my creativeness. Not always understanding,
but none the less supported me. Eventually she began to help with projects,
glue-ups, sanding, and finishing. She is a sounding board for ideas and an
active contributor of concepts. Now she actively contributes her own creations
and hand crafts.

As parents, child safety is of the highest priority. This is why we use non-toxic
and food grade stains and finishes on our toy and kitchen products.
For a wood toy to last even one child’s lifetime, the wood must be protected.
Without protection, one cup of juice spilled on a wood toy would virtually destroy
it. Causing staining, sticky nastiness that is impossible to clean.
I use clear polyurethane as the primary finish. I hand rub in then wipe off
the excess, twice. This produces the thinnest possible build up that offers
durable and permanent layer of protection.
A final coat of wax repels water and is a maintainable first line of defense.
Wax will wear off with normal handling and play."

So click the pics, and check out this fantastic artist!! You can't go wrong with these
beautiful wooden items!! Handmade with love!

Have you seen Cafe Handmade yet?

Ok, I admit, I was lured in by the possibility that coffee may have been involved.

Although there was no was a lovely surprise to find this great site!

This super cool blog features handmade artisans and hosts what one would call a Virtual Craft Show! There is an EXCELLENT variety of artisans and types of crafts/art.

There are links for Featured Artists, Mommaprenuer, Scavenger Hunt, Weekly Giveaways, Artist Directories and More!!

Cafe Handmade Button

Want to be involved in the Weekly Craft Show? Then visit this link:
join our virtual craft show

Learn a little bit about the mad scientists behind Cafe Handmade Len and Kerri, HERE!

So check them out, say hello and tell them Blockhead Radio sent you! You never know what goodies you'll find!

And you can NEVER have enough handmade in your life!!

Are You Ready for a Party?

Then mark your calender, chill the bubbly and come on over on Sunday, Feb. 22 at 8pm Eastern!

We're having a "Thank You" party for EVERYONE who has worked so hard to fight CPSIA! It is an especially big thank you for some hard working people who have gone OVER and BEYOND the call of duty to fight CPSIA for handmade artists everywhere!

What IS CPSIA? Well, the words needed to describe it are not appropriate for Blockhead Radio....

If you need to find out about CPSIA simply go to these sites:

CPSIA Central

Handmade Toy Alliance

National Bankruptcy Day

Invite EVERYONE, and come on in, have a drink, listen to some tunes and take a break! Pat yourselves on the back for your hard work fighting CPSIA, and come chill with us! Because it'll be back to work Monday morning!

We also hope to have some special guests in chat, and encourage you to call in!

Oh...and it's BYOB....sorry...still can't figure out how to send you all martinis......

**no spam. Ever. Or the chipmunk gets it.**

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Don't Forget about your chance to WIN FREE ADVERTISING!

Spread the word guys!! Don't miss your chance to win FREE ADVERTISING here on Blockhead Radio!! This is not a wimpy little prize here people! Share your business, blog, site, WHATEVER, with at least 5 thousand listeners!!


Contest ends soon! Don't Miss Out!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Get All Wired Up on Saturday, 1 pm with the Wire Artisans Guild!!

Sorry, couldn't help the pun...

Join us Saturday at 1 pm EASTERN when Lily of TulipsTreasureBox DJs with The Wire Artisans Guild

Check out some of their awesome work HERE.

So come join us in chat, hear some tunes and learn a little about the Wire Artisans Guild! :)

FNFFA stands for...........

Friday Night Free For All!! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO. (Sorry, that is much more effective if you imagine a crazy Bourbon Street girl scream....)

It is FRIDAY. THANK GOD ALMIGHTY it's FRIDAY! So, come on over to and TUNE IN tonight at 9 pm Eastern for the Friday Night Free For All where our studly Blockhead Rod will be spinning the tunes, taking requests and trying (and failing we can assume) to keep control of the chat room! Let your hair down, relax and have a drink, or two, or three with us on Blockhead Radio!!

Feel free to share your links in chat, you never know when they will be on the air!

Don't be scared of chat! You sign up (preferably ahead of time long before the Cpt. Morgan has taken effect) and you are ready! You will never be spammed!! We promise, or Charlie the Chipmunk gets it!

And because down in Possum land it is Mardi Gras.... we send you some of this to virtually enjoy during the show...

Authentic New Orleans King Cake...

Okay, so it's not so much a 'party' you have any idea how difficult it is to find a picture when you search "mardi gras" that is appropriate for blogging?


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morning Brew Ha-Ha @ 9am Eastern Mon-Fri

Brew up your cup of joe tomorrow morning and join Blockhead Rod and AGoodWitchToo (Witchy) for the Morning Brew Ha-Ha every weekday morning at 9 am Eastern!! You NEVER know what will happen....

Open the player, listen to some excellent music and if you want, join us in chat!! It's Friday...have some fun!!

Want to learn more about the musicians we play on Blockhead Radio? <----------- visit for all the info you need on the music you'll hear on BHR. Don't forget, sign up for chat and join us! No worries, you will never be spammed for signing up to chat! :) Mmmmmm coffee....

Get to Know Ms. Moo Tonight at 9 pm Eastern

MOOOOOOOOO. What, you don't speak cow? Well you will after tonight!! Join us at 9 pm Eastern with Ruthie of Roseworks Jewelry to learn ALL about our beloved Ms. Moo, the brainchild behind Spotted Cow Soaps! Hear some great tunes and learn all about her soapy goodness, where she gets her moo cow spots, and what life is like up in good ol' Vermont!

There is just TOO much in her shop for me to highlight here, so simply click the pics to check out her shop ahead of time and give her some love! Ms. Moo has almost 600 sales....we think perhaps you could learn a thing or two from her tonight??

Get your soapy love here:

Don't you feel like your baths have been inferior up til now? Check her out and take your bathing experiences up a notch!

So join us at 9 pm Eastern on and meet Ms. Moo! Join in on chat if you want, or just listen in while you go about your business!!

Tell your friends, your mama, your buddy, your coworkers! Blockhead Radio Loves ya Baby!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sneak Attack

Join The ChainMailleLady at 7 pm eastern time tonight as she launches another sneak attack.

What is a sneak attack?

Blockhead Radio has teamed up with The Handmade Movement to do a Sneak Attack live on the air. What's a Sneak Attack? Three days a week at an appointed time, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is announce on this site. As many people as possible then buy items from that shop, resulting in a frenzy of surprise business to the unsuspecting shop! During the show listeners are encouraged to call in and talk about sales and specials in their shop. The chat room will be going full tilt so make sure you join us.

Sign up for your user name for the chat room at (no spam and easy) to post your links in the chat room.

Introducing.......Chrissy Couglin

Chrissy will be joining us tonight on Blockhead Radio at 9 p.m. eastern time.

Chrissy's seasoned voice coupled with her warm personality are an unstoppable combination. She calls to mind Sheryl Crow and Natalie Merchant with tinges of Rickie Lee Jones and Lucinda Williams.

And 2008 has been a good year for this New York City based singer-songwriter. The winter was full of excitement moving to and 'officially' becoming a 'New Yorker', the spring delight of releasing her new CD, Look Ahead, and the summer and fall have been chock full of performances to support her new release.

Raised in numerous places including Detroit, Kansas City, and Washington DC, Chrissy is no stranger to moving around and making things work for her. Her ease with meeting people from all different walks of life through her travels throughout the country and the world has afforded her the ability to translate those experiences into intensely thoughtful songs.

Chrissy didn't start off a singer-songwriter. In fact, it was only after a post college career in the environmental field, when she allowed herself the time to sit down and to develop her craft. Music has always been in her blood as an accomplished flutist and singer but songwriting was new. And she was more than ready for the challenge.

Living in DC, working an intense job, playing out at night, and performing songs from her debut CD, You Never Know, confirmed everything Chrissy was feeling up to this point that it was the right time to dedicate all her attention and efforts to music full time.

Chrissy quit her job, packed her bags and moved to the cozy woods of New Hampshire. Living in a beautiful and tranquil environment she enlisted the help from some of Boston's best musicians to record and create Look Ahead. And it has paid off.

Look Ahead is full of songs deeply rich in wisdom, perception, longing, and sophistication. The songs evoke strong emotions in the listener as Chrissy beautifully describes feelings that make you grin one minute and cry the next. Her song, Back to You, a classic rock song, pleading to return to her lover as well as her hauntingly angelic ballad, Wait for You, that delicately balances patience and interpersonal strength, are two perfect examples.

With the release of Look Ahead, Chrissy has entered a new level in the music world.

And there's no (turning or looking) back.

You Can Find Chrissy At:

Buy the CD

Buy the CD

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do You Entrecard?

If not, you should!! Entrecard, in a nutshell, is a way for you to drop your business card on blogs! Simple as that!

Visit the site, sign up, and have at it. Don't be does look intimidating but it REALLY isn't that hard!

You sign up, get the code for the widget and put that on YOUR blog. Then you start making drops on other people's blogs. How do you do this? Once signed into Entrecard, click "Campaign" and simply find the blogs you want to make drops on!

How do you succeed with Entrecard? Venture out of your comfort zone! If you make jewelry, don't just make drops on jewelry blogs---they make jewelry, they may not necessarily NEED yours!! Look at the various categories, and MAKE DROPS!! You never know when a techie guy on a computer blog could see your Entrecard and say hey, I need some smokin' jewelry for the lady!

Once you start, you won't stop!! Entrecard is just another tool in guerrilla marketing and you need to use it!!

You don't blog you say? Well, get to it pronto!! Blogging is the future for online marketing, whether you are selling items, showing off your craft, a musician, photographer or just sharing your family life!!

Common blog providers are and


Questions? Email

Terrific Tuesday--What's on Tap?

Goooood Morning Blockheads!! In case you missed it, please feel free to share this post with anyone and everyone! Help us reach our goal!
Put Rod in a TuTu!! Click Here!

How is your Tuesday going? We hope you're staying toasty warm and will join us for our Lunch Time Cafe at Noon Eastern. Join us for chat, request your favorite songs and Blockhead Rod will spin 'em for you! Don't know what to ask for? Glad you asked! Check out: to find out WHO we play!

Are you an indie musician who wants their music on Blockhead Radio? Then click here:

Come on down!

Blockhead Radio, 24/7 Independent Music, Exposing Artisans to the World.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Morning Brew Ha-Ha @ 9am Eastern Mon-Fri

It's late here at Blockhead come join us BRIGHT and EARLY to hear some fun laughs, good music, and you never know what else.....

9am Eastern Monday-Friday

Blockhead Rod and Witchy Tonight

Blockhead Rod and Witchy will be doing that Aritsan for Artisan thing. Come join us in chat also, share your links and feel free to ask any questions? Have an idea, question, concern, about marketing, handmade, or being an indie musician/artist? Tonight's the night to ask them!

So come on over at 9 pm Eastern to Blockhead Radio to listen, laugh, learn, and enjoy our crazy little crew!

And please check out the lovely little blog post about the potential for our very own Blockhead Rod to be in full on ballerina costume HERE!

Top 10 Requested Songs

Here are the top 10 requested songs on Blockhead Radio for the week ending 2/15/09

1. Box of Fantasy by G TOM MAC
2. Brand New Dance by Citizens of Contrary Knowledge
3. Sam's Cathedral by Dare Dukes
4. The Night Cafe by Chris Huff
5. Metrosexual by Hot Buttered Rum
6. Insane by Lisa Bouchelle
7. Jericho Road by Kelly Richey
8. Sweet Release by Chrissy Coughlin
9. Alive by Chris DeMarco
10. Dancing Down Your Demons by Phil Putnam

Hungry? Join Us for the Lunch Time Cafe!

(mini possum)

Tummy rumbling? Need some good tunes while you munch your lunch? Then join us at noon Eastern for The Lunch Time Cafe! Get your requests in and take a break with Blockhead Radio!

Not sure who we play on BHR? Well, we only play indie music, but to learn more about the musicians you hear, visit

Know great indie artists but not hearing them on Blockhead Radio? Then direct them here!

Happy Lunch!

Maniac Monday--Did you miss the tutu dare?

It's Monday. I know, sorry, but it is.

HOWEVER, what better way to start your Monday than to tune into and hear some awesome tunes and at least work with some good music!?

And in case you missed it, the previous post about our dare of BlockheadRod in a tutu is FOR REAL!
Click HERE to read the post and find out how you can help us torture Rod! The advertising is a great deal and even if you personally cannot use it, help us blog, twitter and spread the word. You never know who could use a good advertising deal. And how can you not want to see this awesome dare come to fruition!?

We're constantly adding new indie music to the playlist!! So come on in anytime, join in chat and rock out with us!

Need a safe place to chat? Come on in and invite your family and friends!! Chat in safety and security!

Blockhead Radio, exposing artisans and indie music to the world

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Okay, hopefully that got your attention!!

Now for those of you who are new here, let's bring you up to speed.

Blockhead Rod is our fantastic DJ, Producer, Computer Nerd, all around awesome guy, who (somewhat) maintains control here at Blockhead Radio. (We all know who really runs things...our one and only Huck...)

The point is, Rod is not your typical tutu-wearing kinda guy. He fishes, likes NASCAR, and most definitely prefers tutus on the ladies.

HOWEVER, we have somehow juggled the puppet strings well enough to get this little dare going.

Are you ready?

In case you didn't know, we have lovely rates on advertising here. Please visit for more detailed info. Anyhoo, here is the deal...

If we sell 50 5,000 Impression Ads (click here) over the next 30 days (Feb. 15-March 15th, 2009)---

Blockhead Rod will wear a BALLERINA COSTUME and the photo will be PROMINENTLY displayed on both this blog, and our website---and of course, for anyone to share!! :)

Yes, seriously.

Now, perhaps some of you are thinking....maybe I don't WANT to see this photo? Don't worry, it will be tasteful and kid-approved (however, the damage it may cause to the psyche of his 6 children who may SEE him in the costume...well, surely the blackmail alone will be worth it for them.)

The photo won't be nasty or raunchy--just PAINFULLY embarrassing for our Blockhead Rod and absolutely AWESOME for all of us!!!

And never fear, we have access to enough seamstresses that we can pull off a tasteful and embarrassing ballerina outfit for a full grown man.

So come on, spread this post, share it with EVERYONE, and come buy some advertising!!!! Let's get this little dare VIRAL!

You can advertise whatever you want as long as it doesn't violate FCC rules!! :) Whether you sell, blog, run forums, non profits, etc, COME ON DOWN! Get great rates and excellent customer service...

and help us embarrass a fully grown man by putting him in a ballerina outfit and putting it on the worldwide web!!

To make this clear:

This is Rod:

Typical ballerina costume:

So you see how this could easily be the most awesome dare ever!!

Spread the word, buy some advertising and let's TUTU ROD!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Smooth Saturday with Lily

Come and hang out on Saturdays at 1pm with Lily of Tulips Treasure Box and her guest DJ's as they spin some tunes, talk about their work, life and love, and get a little CRAZY!! (This part of the deal depends on how much alcohol is consumed by both the DJ's and the listeners....)

This week's guest DJ's are:

Teri of the Etsy Home Front Team

Emily of the Americans Handmade Home Front Team - Hyena Cart

Brandi of the Home Front Market Team - 1,000 Markets

Enjoy the talk, tunes and learn a little about these great teams and leaders!

Thank you for supporting the handmade and independent movement!

Friday the 13th Night Free for All!!

MUH HA HA HA HA (that's my evil laugh) is Friday the 13th, but screw the 13th part....


You know what that means!!???

Join us at 8 pm Eastern for the FRIDAY NIGHT FREE FOR ALL (FNFFA)! It is of course BYOB, but we will be right there with you, enjoying our beverages of choice. They need not be alcoholic, but if that is what floats your boat..drink on partner!

Come in chat, kick back and relax with some friends and hear some EXCELLENT indie tunes!!

Know what else goes well with FNFFA? Baja Bob's Sugar Free Drink Mixes! YUM!!

Free Shipping offers at

So come join us at 8 pm Eastern! You'll have fun...or the possum gets it.

Where? Of course, on our lovely 24/7 independent radio station!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thirsty Thursday, Random Poll

Yes, folks, it is ALMOST Friday! That means just one more day until you can kick back, relax and take a break! What? You don't do that on the weekend? Well, my friends, you need to try to take a break and chill for just a little while every weekend!!

So, with that thought in mind...

Informal poll......

What is your FAVORITE drink!? It doesn't have to be alcoholic (though those are always welcome.) but what is your favorite beverage of choice?

We have a few favorites around here on BHR.


Rum and Cokes....

Wine...ask Blockhead Rod about that one...

And of course this flows through all our veins here at Blockhead Radio...COFFEE

And naturally one must stay nice and hydrated with water, teas, juices and other lovely beverages.

But touch my coffee and you'll not live to tell about it...

Sooooo, what can we serve you here at Blockhead Radio? Okay, so technically it's BYOB here, BUT we would love to partake of said beverages with you!!

These will be ESPECIALLY handy when we have our little shindig on Feb. 22nd, 8pm. It's a little "thank you party" for all those who have worked hard to fight against CPSIA, and a sort of 'dang it, let's have fun already' get together! So bring the chips and dip and come on by!!

For more information about CPSIA you can visit:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thursday DJ Guest.....

Okay, so that's not really the guest...that is my favorite PIECE from Andrew, of Englishmaninps. Tune in Thursday night at 9pm Eastern as Ruthie of Roseworks Jewelry, DJ's with her special guest, Andrew. Hear great tunes and learn a little about this talented artisan.

Where to find Andrew:

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blockhead Radio Believes in Listener Satisfaction...

Here at Blockhead Radio, we realize we would be nowhere without the listeners. And we DO appreciate you! We'd also appreciate it if you would share our lovely little independent 24/7 radio station with all your friends, family, strangers, postal workers, milkmen, mechanics, strangers on the get the idea!

Also, here at Blockhead Radio we believe in listener we have a question for you, to better your listening experience.

Pay will be graded on this.

(Side note, have you entered the chance to win a FREE commercial on Blockhead Radio? You haven't? Well by all means click this link "Win a Free Commercial"..see that was easy.)

But, I digress.

Now, please, think about this before you answer.....

Remember, the chipmunk has extra answer carefully........

Introducing.......Dare Dukes

Born and raised in the exurb of San Jose, California, Dare grew up as the state blossomed into what he calls, "exit-ramp culture"—a maze of smoked-glass franchises and cookie-cutter subdivisions that took root along the vast network of interstate freeways. "Everyone knows the clichés about suburbia: It's a stark, sanitized landscape, pretty much soulless,” Dare explains. “No one needs to remind us of that. I'm more interested in the poetry I see there--the weirdness, the anomalies, the resistance. Even in this unlikely grid you can find courageous people and precious things."

The songs that make up Dare Dukes’ new album, Prettiest Transmitter of All, are a striking combination of incisive intelligence and sweet, doleful hooks. Looking past the shiny surfaces of American life, the Savannah, GA-based singer-songwriter chronicles the everyday world, mining the margins for the eccentric characters and bizarre events that are the heart of his music.

Born and raised in the exurb of San Jose, California, Dare grew up as the state blossomed into what he calls, "exit-ramp culture"—a maze of smoked-glass franchises and cookie-cutter subdivisions that took root along the vast network of interstate freeways. "Everyone knows the clichés about suburbia: It's a stark, sanitized landscape, pretty much soulless,” Dare explains. “No one needs to remind us of that. I'm more interested in the poetry I see there--the weirdness, the anomalies, the resistance. Even in this unlikely grid you can find courageous people and precious things."

Moving to Minneapolis in his twenties, Dare began playing music as bands like Soul Asylum, Babes in Toyland, and the Jayhawks were emerging to define that city's post-Replacements sound. Influenced by seminal post-punk groups like the Pixies and Fugazi, and musical raconteurs like Tom Waits and Kurt Weill, Dare fronted the Penelopes, a frenetic quartet that was a fixture in the city's rock clubs. After moving to New York City, Dare took a hiatus from music to focus on writing and theater, but began playing out again, backed by friends and expert musicians Mark Boquist and Paul Garisto. This collaboration led to the bulk of the arrangements for the songs Dare produced for Prettiest Transmitter of All.

"America is a crazy, scary, and fascinating landscape," Dare says. "The reality is a lot more interesting to me than what the nightly news depicts. The way I see it, it's a place filled with eccentric characters, all on their own strange mission--some nuts, some saner than the rest of us. These missions, these people, they are what my music is about."

"The Ballad Of Darius McCollum," a burning uptempo number inspired by actual events, makes clear Dare's skills as both songwriter and producer. The song captures the insouciant compulsion of a Lower East Side man with Asperger Syndrome who, obsessed with the subway system, impersonates a conductor and commandeers a train, driving it several stops before being caught. With his high, lilting and plaintive voice, Dare wistfully inhabits McCollum, while the grind of the rhythm section, the crunch of guitars, and an ethereal keyboard line join together to push the song to near perfection.

"Bakersfield," which Dare describes as "the closest thing I have to a traditional song," is heartbreaking in its spare depiction of lonely desperation. Minimally arranged, the song builds measure by measure, as visually arresting lyrics describe a man's search for his lost lover. By the time trumpet and trombone blow in to announce the protagonist's arrival in Bakersfield, the song has created a large and empathetic space, large enough for the listener step into.

With the album due in early November and a regional tour of the Southeast in the works, Dare is eager to have the album heard. With a head full of ideas, he's already begun work on a new batch of songs, and plans to go back into the studio early next year after finishing support for Prettiest Transmitter of All. His goal for the next project is to push the boundaries of his instrumentation as far as the limits of his lyrical imagination. But for now, Prettiest Transmitter of All, with its intelligence, eclectic soul and richly layered melodies, is an album to savor.

You can find Dare Dukes on the Web at:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mindless Monday...with a little monkey

Seriously? It's Monday again ALREADY?? Sigh.

Well in case you missed it, don't forget to tune in every weekday at 9 am Eastern for the Morning Brew Ha Ha. You'll get your daily dose of Blockhead Rod, Witchy and some rocking tunes! You have to provide your own coffee though...sorry. We're full of love at Blockhead Radio...but reach for the coffee and you draw back a nub...

Here's to a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Introducing...........Kelly Richey part 2

The Kelly Richey Band preforming "Looking for a Fight" live.

You can listen to Kelly Richey and The Kelly Richey Band on Blockhead Radio.

Come and Visit The Rustic Cottage WIth Me...

Come on in and visit The Rustic Cottage with me! You will no doubt love it as I did! I mean, I am seriously in danger of breaking my online shopping diet for the month...and it's only the 8th!

Cute, beautiful, adorable, talented...doesn't even BEGIN to describe her amazing items!!

I LOVE these and really wish my son's dresser drawers had knobs instead of handles because I would be all over these---not sure WHICH ones because I like them all--but I'd decide somehow!

Dino Drawer Knobs

Outer Space Drawer Knobs

And the SOAP! OH MY the soap! Now you all know I am developing quite the little soap addiction. This is not helping... (note to self....tell Huck to stop feeding my addictions....)

The soap looks amazing!!! Why are computers not scratch and sniff? WHEN are they doing to develop that?

Check out her FABULOUS soaps here:

Rustic Cottage...take me away...

I REALLY do not think my little blog post can do her awesomeness justice! (And seeing as I am Amy the Awesome Possum, I do not throw that "awesome" label around lightly!)

Here is a little bit about Kay, the lovely creator and owner of The Rustic Cottage from her blog:

"Handcrafted olive oil soap, lotion bars, linen sprays, and cottage goods. Just a few of the fun things made at The Rustic Cottage. I'm a gal from IL who transplanted to the Pacific NW about 23 years ago. I am, first and foremost, a follower of Christ! I'm also mom to two beautiful daughters and a grandma to two handsome grandsons. My blog's just a bunch of ramblings about my life, my walk with Christ, my family, and my soapmaking business. Come back often and visit my cottage - you're always welcome!"

Kay, can I come live in the cottage? Please? It sounds lovely, comfy and warm!

Check out her fantabulous blog at:

Her even more fantabulous Ebay Store:

AND her lovely Bonanzle Shop:

Enjoy the look into The Rustic Cottage!!

Remember at Blockhead Radio we're spanning the globe to bring you the BEST in independent artisans!! You never know if YOU will end up in this very spot!!

Amy, your soapy blogger

(must control shopping urges...must control....)