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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do You Entrecard?

If not, you should!! Entrecard, in a nutshell, is a way for you to drop your business card on blogs! Simple as that!

Visit the site, sign up, and have at it. Don't be does look intimidating but it REALLY isn't that hard!

You sign up, get the code for the widget and put that on YOUR blog. Then you start making drops on other people's blogs. How do you do this? Once signed into Entrecard, click "Campaign" and simply find the blogs you want to make drops on!

How do you succeed with Entrecard? Venture out of your comfort zone! If you make jewelry, don't just make drops on jewelry blogs---they make jewelry, they may not necessarily NEED yours!! Look at the various categories, and MAKE DROPS!! You never know when a techie guy on a computer blog could see your Entrecard and say hey, I need some smokin' jewelry for the lady!

Once you start, you won't stop!! Entrecard is just another tool in guerrilla marketing and you need to use it!!

You don't blog you say? Well, get to it pronto!! Blogging is the future for online marketing, whether you are selling items, showing off your craft, a musician, photographer or just sharing your family life!!

Common blog providers are and


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Lauren said...

Thanks for that! I have heard about Entrecard before, but never looked at it that closely. I will look at it now!