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Monday, February 23, 2009

Artisan to Artisan Tonight at 9 PM Eastern--Get your blog on...

Come on in tonight at 9 pm Eastern and learn a little bit about jazzing up your blog and adding PayPal buttons to your blog so you can sell directly from your blog!! Who doesn't need a little help in marketing? Blockhead Radio wants to help!! Blockhead Rod and AGoodWitchToo will be there to hold your hand and help you learn more about this angle for your business!

You will want to have signed into your PayPal Account and Blog just before the show, to save time!

As always, great tunes will be playing!! Have a request? Mention it in chat and Blockhead Rod will spin it for you! Not sure who we play? Well, we ONLY play indie musicians, and to find out more about them, simply go to You will soon have you favorites!!

So come on over, join in chat, laugh, learn and call in if the mood strikes you! 24/7 live streaming indie music, exposing artisans to the world!!

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