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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get to Know Ms. Moo Tonight at 9 pm Eastern

MOOOOOOOOO. What, you don't speak cow? Well you will after tonight!! Join us at 9 pm Eastern with Ruthie of Roseworks Jewelry to learn ALL about our beloved Ms. Moo, the brainchild behind Spotted Cow Soaps! Hear some great tunes and learn all about her soapy goodness, where she gets her moo cow spots, and what life is like up in good ol' Vermont!

There is just TOO much in her shop for me to highlight here, so simply click the pics to check out her shop ahead of time and give her some love! Ms. Moo has almost 600 sales....we think perhaps you could learn a thing or two from her tonight??

Get your soapy love here:

Don't you feel like your baths have been inferior up til now? Check her out and take your bathing experiences up a notch!

So join us at 9 pm Eastern on and meet Ms. Moo! Join in on chat if you want, or just listen in while you go about your business!!

Tell your friends, your mama, your buddy, your coworkers! Blockhead Radio Loves ya Baby!

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