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Monday, February 2, 2009

The True Face of Amy the Awesome

Okay, I suppose it is only fair that since you lovingly read these blog posts I should let you see the REAL me! I do not take pictures fairly often, so it is under duress that I do this one....

I hope you appreciate it.

Because I love you guys.

I really do.

You are the peanut butter to my jelly.

The gluten free cracker to my cheese.

The apples of my eye......

Ok, I'll stop stalling.

Without further ado....






Oh come on, did you expect any less? Really now!


Be that way... I will be nice....

My happy day nearly 6 years ago!! (Not that there haven't been happy ones since then... hee hee). But now you have a face to the name.

YES I am taller than my husband and most other people.

NO I do not play basketball.

FEEL FREE to share your pics of yourselves here!!!! I'd love to do a little BHR family tree!! IF you are brave enough to share your pics, stories or ever have ANYTHING blog me at!!

Thanks for being great listeners, readers and fans!

Amy, your possum


Eileen said...

oh are BEAUTIFUL...I love your height...I'm a tall one too, taller than my hubby with heels on...i never wear heels...
thanks for sharing...i'll send you a pic soon...eileen :)

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

What a sweet couple you make! Sew you are tall, that makes MORE for all of US to love! Thanks for sharing!
You are doing an awesome job!

Natasha said...

Amy - I'm brand spankin' new here but I love it already...I can't believe my first full-fledged day here and I get to see you. I'm taking that as a good omen. You and your hubby are such a good looking husban is tall and my little one is taking after, I'm short in comparison but I have a tall personality hahaha....thanks for're awesome

TiLT said...

I always wanted to be tall...or short - average is just too, well, average.
You look stunning - and the advantage of him being shorter - your face won't get covered up :)

Anonymous said...

Awww Amy our Possum you! You are beautiful, and glowing...

I think we are all in total agreement that you are doing a fabulous job. Your juggling skills are stupendous! x0


Rose Works Jewelry said...

What an adorable photo! I'm taller than my hubby too :P Not by anywhere near as much though :P

Walk in the Woods said...

Great post! You are a lovely possum. :)