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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Too Sexy for My TuTu...

Lest us forget about our little challenge here at BHR! Let's get our very own man's man, Blockhead Rod in a BALLERINA COSTUME!!

Yes, you read that right!! Get Rod in a TUTU!!

How? Well, we created a little challenge here at BHR, if we sell 50 5k Impression ads by March 15th, our very own Blockhead Rod will put on full ballerina gear and let us take LOTS of pictures of well as video...a whole photo shoot!!

Need the details? Not a problem! CLICK HERE.

So, help us torture a grown man!! Help us blog, twitter, myspace, facebook, etc, etc, etc this! And most importantly--buy some fantastic advertising here on Blockhead Radio so we can absolutely embarass Rod!!!

You won't find better rates or customer service than here on Blockhead Radio!!

So help us make this happen!!!!


Anonymous said...

"I'm to sexy for my TUTU
To Sexy for my TUTU.....

The way I spin and twirrrrrrlllll"

Anonymous said...

What ^she said! ROTFLOL