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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Artisan to Artisan 9pm Eastern--Google Analytics

If you survived last week's lesson on, please join us again this week for Artisan to Artisan where we will have a far less Steinable lesson on Google Analytics. If you got Feedburner to work, you can master GA in no time! If you did NOT get Feedburner right, never fear, our resident geek, Blockhead Rod will show you the way!! Just drop him a line or call him and he'll help you out before or after the show!

Be signed in to your blog and Google Analytics before the show to save time, get comfy and learn how to drive people to your site and use GA to benefit your blog, site, etc. (Sometimes I use it for evil, but only on occassion...)

9pm Eastern,

Come on down!! Our doors are ALWAYS open!

Amy--your friendly blogger

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