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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sneak Attack

Join The ChainMailleLady at 7 pm eastern time tonight as she launches another sneak attack.

What is a sneak attack?

Blockhead Radio has teamed up with The Handmade Movement to do a Sneak Attack live on the air. What's a Sneak Attack? Three days a week at an appointed time, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is announce on this site. As many people as possible then buy items from that shop, resulting in a frenzy of surprise business to the unsuspecting shop! During the show listeners are encouraged to call in and talk about sales and specials in their shop. The chat room will be going full tilt so make sure you join us.

Sign up for your user name for the chat room at (no spam and easy) to post your links in the chat room.


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