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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stay Up to Date On CPSIA!

Thank you to all those who joined us in chat and tuned in for our CPSIA 'Party'. While we know the fight is FAR, FAR from over, we at BHR wanted to show our thanks and support to everyone who has fought so long and hard for us! Several people have gone FAR and ABOVE the call of duty to help fight CPSIA and save not only handmade, but small business, and our rights as consumers, parents and ARTISTS!!

(If you do not know what the CPSIA is, FEEL FREE To email me at ANY TIME! Amy, (aka, Mama) can be found at or If I cannot answer your question (which is very possible..) I will know where to refer you to though!!)

If you need to know ANYTHING about CPSIA, the following sites should be on the top of your 'stay up to date' lists!! Most, if not all, of these sites have ways for you to subscribe and get updates in your emails.

Rob Wilson and crew at Join this community and make your own Ning page. Stay up to date, videos, blogs, and more! You can also find him on Twitter at:

Rick Woldenberg and crew at Learning Resources Site and Rick's Blog. Great blog posts, videos, and a strong fighter against CPSIA. Chances are if you need a contact for anyone...check Rick's blog...he has it! :) Rick is also on Twitter:

Dan Marshall and crew at Handmade Toy Alliance. Here you can find a video made by your very own Amy the Awesome Possum, contacts, how you can help, businesses in alliance, and more! There are also many more links on the sidebar of this site to help you navigate your way! There is also a Facebook page for Handmade Toy Alliance.

CPSIA-Compliant Suppliers Blog. BHR cannot verify the validity of any of these suppliers, however we share the link with you because perhaps that will help you in buying your supplies for your own handmade work or families!

Kathleen at Fashion Incubator, keeps us up to date on all things well as my fave part...SEWING goodness! :) Also run by Kathleen is National Bankruptcy Day. Kathleen can also be found on Twitter.

Walter Orson from Overlawyered continually eloquently and professional puts into words what we all feel! Find Walter on Twitter:

Contact the CPSC here about CPSIA.

CoolMomPicks has some helpful info also as well as the super cute bear badge you can have!

Obviously there are MANY more working to fight this, but this should get you going!! :)

HOWEVER, remember the CPSC cannot CHANGE anything about the CPSIA. Who can? YOUR lawmakers!! It is up to YOU to contact them, any way you can!! Find them ALL at If all you can send is a form letter, that's fine. But remember phone calls, snail mail letters and faxes work better than emails. In fact, most of the time you cannot email any representatives out of your district/area. So go ahead, Blockhead Radio gives you permission to kill some trees and WRITE YOUR LAWMAKERS!!

This CAN be changed but it is up to YOU!!!!!

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