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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ask Huck Premiering Tuesday, Feb 3, 2009!!

Join us this Tuesday, Feb 3, 2009 for the PREMIERE edition of "Ask Huck"!! Our very own Huckleberry Arts will be LIVE ON AIR and taking questions via phone and in chat!! What could you Ask Huck? Well, she's been around long enough to answer just about anything about marketing, handmade, computers, online business, advertising, art and more!

Just how long as Huck been doing this? Well, no one really knows....legend has it she drank a brew some years ago that left her immortal...perhaps Witchy knows something about it?

Ok, not really! But, she still knows her stuff and can undoubtedly help you!

So drop on in to chat at and then launch your player to hear the awesome Huck.

She may even reveal how she keeps Blockhead Rod in line.....

I'm thinking duct tape is involved.....

Come and join the fun!!

TUESDAY, FEB 3, 2009 (and EVERY Tuesday!) 8-9 pm Eastern on Blockhead Radio!

Amy--your friendly blogger

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