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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Okay, hopefully that got your attention!!

Now for those of you who are new here, let's bring you up to speed.

Blockhead Rod is our fantastic DJ, Producer, Computer Nerd, all around awesome guy, who (somewhat) maintains control here at Blockhead Radio. (We all know who really runs things...our one and only Huck...)

The point is, Rod is not your typical tutu-wearing kinda guy. He fishes, likes NASCAR, and most definitely prefers tutus on the ladies.

HOWEVER, we have somehow juggled the puppet strings well enough to get this little dare going.

Are you ready?

In case you didn't know, we have lovely rates on advertising here. Please visit for more detailed info. Anyhoo, here is the deal...

If we sell 50 5,000 Impression Ads (click here) over the next 30 days (Feb. 15-March 15th, 2009)---

Blockhead Rod will wear a BALLERINA COSTUME and the photo will be PROMINENTLY displayed on both this blog, and our website---and of course, for anyone to share!! :)

Yes, seriously.

Now, perhaps some of you are thinking....maybe I don't WANT to see this photo? Don't worry, it will be tasteful and kid-approved (however, the damage it may cause to the psyche of his 6 children who may SEE him in the costume...well, surely the blackmail alone will be worth it for them.)

The photo won't be nasty or raunchy--just PAINFULLY embarrassing for our Blockhead Rod and absolutely AWESOME for all of us!!!

And never fear, we have access to enough seamstresses that we can pull off a tasteful and embarrassing ballerina outfit for a full grown man.

So come on, spread this post, share it with EVERYONE, and come buy some advertising!!!! Let's get this little dare VIRAL!

You can advertise whatever you want as long as it doesn't violate FCC rules!! :) Whether you sell, blog, run forums, non profits, etc, COME ON DOWN! Get great rates and excellent customer service...

and help us embarrass a fully grown man by putting him in a ballerina outfit and putting it on the worldwide web!!

To make this clear:

This is Rod:

Typical ballerina costume:

So you see how this could easily be the most awesome dare ever!!

Spread the word, buy some advertising and let's TUTU ROD!!


blockhead radio said...


Rockerchic said...

Oh Rods a Cutie!
And will be even cuter in a tutu!

That'll be TUTU CUTE!


Well, I thought it was hillarious!

agoodwitchtoo said...

TUTU CUTE indeed! (I too found that hilarious...)

Now ya know we NEED to make this happen.

TiLT said...

*wipes tears of laughter away*
...and then laughs some more

Carey Lynn said...

I gotta see Rod in a tutu! LOL

LeakyMouth said...

That is GREAT! I would love to see a Rod in a Tutu!!

Mercyming said...

Tiara, tutu and black knee high man-socks! ohhhh yeah!

SolSisters said...

OMG>> WHERE IS THE ADVERTISING BUTTON? I can hear Emma now... "Daddy, you looks silly in a dress!!!!"

Rockerchic said...

"Tiara, Tutu, Black knee high man socks"

~AND~ Little League Chest Protector, Wing Tips, and a tube sock on your right arm.

Hows that sound?

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Oh my goodness this is going to be priceless! I'll do whatever I can to help!

Eileen said...

gotta see this one...

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Yes, WAY tutu delicious ~~ please can we get a pic of that...awesome Amy strikes again! Possum, you are always have got the craziest wonderful mind...luv luv..

The ChainMaille Lady said...

OMG!! ROFLMAO!! Don't forget the flip flopps and the black garter belt!

Tulip's Talking said...

ROTLOL! Butt-Bubbles, I cannot get the visual outta my mind!!!

Possum, you are so face muscle hurting hilarious! And everyone else tutu!!!

BTW, a little birdie told me his hair is short on the sides and long in the back and he wears a ponytail!

I agree totally on the flip flops, but this has to be video taped for You Tube while he dances to Jimmy Buffett on tippy toes pirouetting with a bottle of Captain in one hand!!!


OMG, I've gotta get outa here and on over to my blog!!!

We'll have to start calling me "Ballerina Blockhead the King Plugger Lug"

Natasha said...

LOVE this!! This is awesome...I'm in to make this a reality!

SpottedCow said...

I've got a lot of soap to sell so I can buy at least one of these spots! Who will help me put Rod in a Tutu?

MonsterA95 said...

I know a kid's game website trying to advertise anywhere, and everywhere possible. I'll see if I can get the owners to submit their ad.
Here is the site:

MonsterA95 said...

nvm i was a noob and forgot to check the dates before posting...

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