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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Excuse my delay in blogging today...

I'm a one-eyed possum today.

Okay, not exactly, but I was delayed on blogging like usual due to a silly eye problem I get from time to time that requires a timely trip to the eye doctor. Oye, I know.

Sooooo, I do hope everyone enjoyed the Sneak Attack Live and Indie Music Spotlight last night!! And I definitely hope everyone is enjoying the awesome music we have playing 24/7 for you!

We are proud to announce we are OFFICIALLY out of beta and no chipmunks or tech support personnel were harmed in the transition. WOOT WOOT!

SO, come on over, the site is VERY user friendly and easy to navigate! The music rocks, and the chat is always fun! You are always welcome in chat, and if you need a safe place to chat with your friends, come on over!! A show does not have to be on for you to take advantage of chat! So invite your friends, family, hear some tunes and chat away!! 24/7 music, fun, and laughs

Stay tuned for more posts about upcoming shows and more!

Amy, your one-eyed possum blogger

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~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Woots, come one, come all!! Come and see our Awesome one-eyed possum who has monkeys jumpin on her bed...step out of your comfort zone and into ours!