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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Come and Visit The Rustic Cottage WIth Me...

Come on in and visit The Rustic Cottage with me! You will no doubt love it as I did! I mean, I am seriously in danger of breaking my online shopping diet for the month...and it's only the 8th!

Cute, beautiful, adorable, talented...doesn't even BEGIN to describe her amazing items!!

I LOVE these and really wish my son's dresser drawers had knobs instead of handles because I would be all over these---not sure WHICH ones because I like them all--but I'd decide somehow!

Dino Drawer Knobs

Outer Space Drawer Knobs

And the SOAP! OH MY the soap! Now you all know I am developing quite the little soap addiction. This is not helping... (note to self....tell Huck to stop feeding my addictions....)

The soap looks amazing!!! Why are computers not scratch and sniff? WHEN are they doing to develop that?

Check out her FABULOUS soaps here:

Rustic Cottage...take me away...

I REALLY do not think my little blog post can do her awesomeness justice! (And seeing as I am Amy the Awesome Possum, I do not throw that "awesome" label around lightly!)

Here is a little bit about Kay, the lovely creator and owner of The Rustic Cottage from her blog:

"Handcrafted olive oil soap, lotion bars, linen sprays, and cottage goods. Just a few of the fun things made at The Rustic Cottage. I'm a gal from IL who transplanted to the Pacific NW about 23 years ago. I am, first and foremost, a follower of Christ! I'm also mom to two beautiful daughters and a grandma to two handsome grandsons. My blog's just a bunch of ramblings about my life, my walk with Christ, my family, and my soapmaking business. Come back often and visit my cottage - you're always welcome!"

Kay, can I come live in the cottage? Please? It sounds lovely, comfy and warm!

Check out her fantabulous blog at:

Her even more fantabulous Ebay Store:

AND her lovely Bonanzle Shop:

Enjoy the look into The Rustic Cottage!!

Remember at Blockhead Radio we're spanning the globe to bring you the BEST in independent artisans!! You never know if YOU will end up in this very spot!!

Amy, your soapy blogger

(must control shopping urges...must control....)

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