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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sponsorship Advertising Special !

This week if you purchase the annual BHR Sponsor Ad, you will receive a $15 Gift certificate to Which can be used on any item up to a year in Huck's Shop!

The BHR Sponsor ad is a year ad on Every page of bhr, a commercial on the radio, and is also promoted on twitter,facebook, and many other social media venues. You also see the ads on BHR Blog and Huckleberry Arts Blogs !

Get your sponsor spot here

And we made it a little easier it is a $100 for the year sponsor BUT broke down to 4 payments of $25 a month! that is a little less than 28 cents a day!

Gift certificate will be emailed to you the same day you buy your 4 month subscription from Blockhead Radio, and can be used up to 1 year on any item at !

Don't have a banner ad made up we will create one for you to use with purchase of sponsorship ad for free and yes you can use it elsewhere too!!!

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