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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Advertising and the Showcase

Advertising is open to all. If you are an artisan, blogger, website owner. The only restriction we put in place is that is has to be a legal site and kid friendly.

If you notice right on top there are 4 150 x 150 banners in rotation. These will be on all the Blockhead Radio 'Live" pages, chat room, blog, drop down menu, any other place I can find to stick it, and the BHR Player. There are 12 banners in rotation on each one. Each banner rotates on a 15 second rotation. This keeps it in motion and attention getting. With the banner ad spot comes a one liner that is read on air. Each banner will have an ad/plug played in rotation i.e. "Check out cause they rock" This makes a very good impact and isn't tuned out as a commercial. 3 to 4 plugs will be played in rotation every hour.

Sound good so far? Now for the cost. We are throwing the CPM out the window. It will be a flat rate of $21.00 per month. Once the 48 spots are filled we will create a waiting list.

Advertiser will be responsible for supplying a 150 x 150 pixel banner and the link to information. If you have any questions please email us at or click here to sign up.

The Artisan Showcase is now full. If you have purchased a spot please send your information to with 'Showcase' in the subject line.

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