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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save 40c on Tough Times

Are coupons worth the trouble?

Wildwood and Skyline took a long look at coupons and came up with some basic tips: stay organized with shopping lists and coupon wallets, find coupons in print form from newspaper and mailer packets, explore online sources for manufacturer coupons, and avoid offers for products that aren't on your regular shopping list.
A few promising sites we found were FrugalFamilies CouponMom CouponMountain and Coupon101
Wildwood was able to get in a few coupon jokes, and Skyline told of a strange but wonderful story of a sample table for beer! Our chat room offered up some great tips on coupons, too: keep your coupons in the same order as your grocery store to save time and frustration.
So, whether you say coo-pons or que-pons, you are in the checkout line to SAVE:)
Do you have some baking soda in that cart? Then you probably have some amazing tips to send TOUGH TIMES! Try our and we'll get your tips on our next show...

The Magic of Baking Soda
on Tuesday August 11th at 11:30 eastern time.

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