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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Want To Clear The Air

This past week we made a format change to Blockhead Radio. It was done because a situation dictated it. We urged all the host to continue with their podcast and we would help them. We offered to one of the host to send us their podcast, we would host is on our server, send them the code for their blog, put a link to it on the front page of the website, and that they could use BHR chat to answer questions. We would do this for any host at no cost.

So it came as a great shock to me when I was called an @#%hole and told to suck somebodies #$ck in the comments of this blog post and the facts got skewed in this one. So I thought I would just clear the air.

Going 24/7 music has been on the board for some time now. This week something happened that forced me to do it. Yes it was quick, but the situation forced me into it.

The main point to be made is the fact that all hosts approached me about doing a show/podcast. They presented a concept and the show was approved or disapproved. Then a time slot was chosen and on with the show. If we would have followed industry trends we would have charged each host for bandwidth, but we didn't. No show that ever aired on BHR paid to do so.

Each host was told to use their show for promotion of their shops, blogs, sites, etc. We did offer a bounty to knock the top show out of it's slot. It was a $100.00 and was never accomplished. The only requirements that we put on the host was to promote their show online and to do a follow up blog post here. That was all.

Blockhead Radio has never laid claim to any shows with the exceptions of ones we created and produced. So I have no idea what this was about.

This quote is probably the one that left me shaking my head the most. "along with the subsequent statements made by Rod that by ridding itself of artisan shows, BHR would be a far better station certainly did not reflect that philosophy and indeed it showed a genuine lack of regard for the hosts" First off, all shows were canceled and what I actually said was "by going to a 24/7 music format we would draw another base of listeners and that would help increase the exposure to the artisans through the showcase and directory."

Many times a show didn't air cause life happened. Family first I always said, no worries.

In the end I am responsible to the advertisers, the listeners, paying the cost to operate the station, and to my family. This week I had to put my family first. If I am an !@#hole for doing that, so be it.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Hang in there! I totally support your decision - just remember there will always be jerks out there who have to cause trouble. Don't let them get to you!

M2bC said... discontinued a free service? When does the flogging begin?

BHR is an amazing station and what ya'll do for artisans - experienced of just starting out - is just incredible. Thank you. said...

There will always be someone out there stirring the pot, misconstruing the information and trying to create chaos and dissension.

I'm going to miss some of the shows, but hey, sh@t happens. Whoever you are, get over it!

Some people are unable to exist without a crisis going on in their life. Why the feel the need to share it with the world is beyond me.

So, you are not an a#@hole. Do what you need to do to operate your station. Disregard the negativity.

I was going to reference the other comment, but decided to be a lady.

Take care!

paintingpam said...

Rod, I love the station, the music, the comraderie and the effort you put in to make the station happen.

But my BIG motto is FAMILY FIRST! also.

Craig Sorensen said...

Rod, I found it interesting that you chose to focus a fair amount of your post on one of the responders to my blog about the format change at Blockhead Radio, rather than to the central concerns that I expressed.

For the record, I did not post my thoughts on this just to “stir the pot” but to express my frustration at how this change was transacted. I respect that this is your radio station, and you have to follow the course that you see most fit, for yourself, your family, your advertisers, and your listeners. I also am a strong advocate in family first. That is why I made my post, and that is why I’m commenting now. DeDe is part of my family and I was upset at the manner of this change. And while my first post was a bit theatrical, there was a central theme, that I fear got lost in the conversations that ensued.

I respectfully request that we now focus on the central issue that brought this all about:

1. Several weeks ago, it appeared to DeDe that there might be a change imminent. At that time she asked you if her show was possibly going to get cut, and you said that she had a show as long as she wanted, and as Blockhead Radio was on the air. Until that point, she had viewed the show as a week to week thing. Based on your statement she considered the show as a long-term venture.

2. The email announcing this change that was sent to DeDe was sent the same evening, very near to the time of the broadcast announcement. She did not see this email until during the broadcast. To have to face such an announcement along with all other listeners was humiliating. To have not received a timely face to face statement of this change showed a lack of respect, after she had invested time and even advertising dollars in BHR. At one point, you commented how much better things would be now. You went on to expound on this, but the timbre of this comment came across quite negative about the current shows. It appeared to me that you were saying they were part of a problem and needed to be removed. This may not have been your intent, but I hope you can recognize how someone might have inferred this.

Rod, I respectfully ask that you consider these points and try to see how the manner that this change was transacted affected DeDe, and as a result, me.

I understand that life happens, and family comes first. But I am not convinced that you had to make this announcement on a moments’ notice; that you did not have enough time to show respect to the show hosts that had supported and helped you grow your station in the prior months, and explain the change to them one-to-one or in a staff meeting via Skype before you took to the air.

This was the central point.

I appreciate the opportunity to help try to clear the air, so we can all move forward.

Craig Sorensen

Huckleberry Arts said...

Craig all I can say is move on ......Dede knew what was going on I spoke to her Monday night a good hour in chat and also Weds She also knew the "other" reasons to this...So Respectfully I ask you to move on or directly email Rod or I.
Thank you.....

Craig Sorensen said...

Huck, I will indeed respectfully move on. Not because your discussions with DeDe last week cleared up why things were done in the way that they were, but because I have said all I wanted to say, and it seems you and Rod have too.

All the best,


Butterfly-Crafts said...

Well...I'll still be listening, so long as I get to hear my song every now and then!

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