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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Need a little update for your blog? WIN ONE on Monday!!

Everyone needs a little spicing up of their blog!! But who has the time, energy or tech know-how?

Never fear!! Tune in Monday night for our Artisan to Artisan show, 9pm Eastern. BE SURE to be signed in to chat!! That is the only way to win this goody bag of blog yummy-ness!!

Pay attention in chat and watch for Huckleberryarts to let you know when it's time to call in and you could win a TOTAL BLOG MAKEOVER!! Banner, html and ALL!

Want to see some samples of what fantastic work Huckleberry Arts can do for you? Go to HuckleberryArts and check out her amazing graphic design.

Then be sure to tune in Monday night at 9 pm Eastern, and JOIN in chat to win! (Go ahead and register your user name now so you can be prepared!!)

Don't forget Monday night's show will also be about Google Analytics and Feedburner, more great ways to spiff up your blog or website.

Simply click the "click to listen" button up above and you're there!

Have a great evening!

---Amy, your friendly blogger


catinalife said...

love the music. lot the blog. love the promo...go indie artists where ever you are. I'll be listening. catinalife said...

OHHH..marking on calendar!
CreationsAnew said...

I really need some help! Going to try and do this for sure!

Eileen said...

my plan is to tune in for sure...i hope i remember with all my craziness...