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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Witching Hours 5-7pm Eastern on Saturday

Tune in Saturday at 5pm Eastern to hear our lovely AGoodWitchToo (a.k.a. Witchy) host The Witching Hours. Join us for Saturday Night Specials, fun, laughs and the treasure hunt!!

You never know WHAT you'll find when Witchy is calling the shots!! :)

Join us at and chat away with us.

Perhaps you will be bestowed the purple hat?


agoodwitchtoo said...

Purple... pimp hats... are cool.

That would make much more sense if you knew what tune I was singing it to and why.

Maybe I'll share a story with you tomorrow night about Purple Pimp hats.

Hey... ya know what? I think I will.

glutenfreegirl said...

Ok now I HAVE to know a story about purple pimp hats!!!