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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sooo, What IS Blockhead Radio??

I realize some of you are faithful readers, but I realize we are growing every day and perhaps not everyone is truly familiar with Blockhead Radio and its concept.

Essentially, BHR is a 24/7 online radio station that focuses on exposing the artisan to the world. That includes, musicians, crafters, writers, essentially anyone with a creative outlet! If you have an art of some kind and need an outlet--let us know!!

The music plays 24/7 and there are scheduled shows focusing on a variety of topics--including just for fun shows! :)

Chat is also open 24/7 and you are welcome to come hang out any time!! Looking for a safe place to just chill with your friends? Come on over!

You will no doubt enjoy our lovely crew, hosts and listeners!! Make great friends, share your links, and become part of the family!!

So come on down, open chat and the player and enjoy!

Once you go BHR, you never go back!

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