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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Morning Brew Ha-Ha @ 9am Eastern Mon-Fri

Don't forget to tune in to the Morning Brew Ha-Ha at 9 am Eastern (approx. 12 minutes from now!) :)

Toothless sharks, monkey meat, possums, and who knows what else will pop up!!

Thanks to all who tuned in last night for our Artisan to Artisan show on feedburner. We do hope that everyone got through it, and if you did NOT, do NOT give up!! Contact Blockhead Rod at some point during the week, either through the chat at or on the phone at 727-474-1064 and he will walk you through it! We want you all to be able to reach EVERYONE you can on your blogs! Better blogs mean better business!!

And we promise to go over Google Analytics next Monday at 9pm!!

And congratulations to the winner of the blog makeover from Huckleberry, well, ME! I SWEAR it was not rigged, I warned you all I was the trivia queen. (Come on, I'll take any one of you..let's go...) :) So, big thanks to Huck for volunteering her services and thanks to all who played...Huck picked a hard one!

So tune in, laugh and learn guys on Blockhead Radio!

Amy, your friendly possum blogger

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