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Monday, March 30, 2009


that's a word right? Well, that is a great word to use to describe this lovely shop, Babeeluvclothing. The brains and talent behind Babeeluvclothing is a talented seamstress named Lori. Lori sat down with Blockhead Radio and let us into her brain and heart! Continue on to read more as the BHR staff virtually rolls around in her cuddly blankets and soft toys!

Lori is new to Etsy but not new to creating and selling gorgeous handmade items. She "created Babeeluvclothing "For Your Little Heart" in January 2009. She has been an Ebay Seller for over 6 years, selling vintage items as well as her first craft making beachglass jewelry and related items." Lori is a WAHM to a lovely baby boy. When asked where she drew her inspiration from, Lori naturally replied, "Now, it is my son for sure! My world has been consumed with becoming a new mom and always thinking of him and related items. If it catches his attention--its a keeper!" I agree that is a fantastic way to test new items!! If the little one's like it, then other little one's will to! And you know what they say, if baby is happy, then mama is happy and EVERYONE is happy!

She also draws some inspiration from days gone by as she says, "I do come from a family of women that sew, so I believe it is in my blood! A lot of the details in my sewing, especially on my blankies, baby toys comes from my Gramma. She used to make me clothes as a little girl and baby toys and they always had to have a little heart sewn on the front so I have tried to carry on that tradition."

You will most certainly find just what you want or need in this lovely shop, and at a wonderfully reasonable price as well! Lovely minky blankets, adorable clothing, and sweet stuffed toys can be found in her Etsy shop, her web store, or her Ebay profile.

Lori dabbles in a bit of everything, "sewing, jewelry making, custom picture frames and sun catchers, while working with beach glass, stones and driftwood." Lori's favorite pieces (and I'd have to agree) are her Snuggle Blankets. She finds "working with various fabrics" one of the most challenging things about creating handmade, as well as finding the time to begin "designing some of her own clothing."

Lori runs into problems that probably affect many of our dear readers, the cost of supplies as well as finding the TIME to work on her craft! Anyone who has children and attempts to run shops on any selling venue knows just how difficult that can be! Throw in full time jobs for some, and I'm not sure when some artisans sleep! But Lori can be proud of what she's accomplished in a short time, that's for sure!

Lori does blog and belong to the Alberta Street Team who can find by searching "Alberta Team" on Etsy.

She was also recently featured on CafeHandmade and you can find her on Aisle 1 of the Virtual Craft Show for a limited time!

Lori shares my love of minky fabrics and would probably go bankrupt if we could go shopping for them together! We all know my weakness for fabric.....

So take a break from your busy day, and check out any of these great links and enjoy Lori's snuggable work! I know, I have!

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