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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is Anyone A Nurse? Doctor? Pharmacist?

Apparently there is a funk going around Blockhead Radio and we are trying to nurse some BHR DJ's back to health!! So if you wonder why you don't hear your favorite voices quite as much the past few days, we apologize and will be back to entertaining you ASAP. In the meantime, enjoy what we REALLY do best, which is crank out the awesome music!

Want to help us heal faster? Well, then by all means be sure to check out our fantastic challenge to get Blockhead Rod in a BALLERINA costume!! CLICK HERE to learn how you can help! We are serious!

Get great rates on advertising, excellent customer service...and best of all....we tutu'ize Blockhead Rod!

We've decided "tutu'ize" is a word here at BHR.

1 comment:

Rockerchic said...

No Dr.s here... Just a LOooOOoOOove Dr.! HAH!

Or maybe a Witch Dr.!


Get Better soon you guys!