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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Join us In the Garden!

Hey! Rose here! If you missed the debut show of In the Garden last Thursday I hope you'll tune in this coming week at 11:30 AM, eastern time. Why? Well, we'll be talking about planning and starting a garden ... whether you have a windowsill, a patio, or acreage ... you can grow a little something. Besides, what better way to honor the season of spring than planting a seed or two?

And I just happened to spend the better part of my day today In the Garden and you can see what I was up to there at What I Made Today

See you Thursday morning at 11:30 In the Garden! Peace.


agoodwitchtoo said...

Loved the debut show! Rose did a fantastic job. Hard to believe it was her first show. Looking forward to this week's show.

Tulip's Talking said...

I too am a fan, right from day one on her new show, and way back when she was an etsyBlogger where I first got to know her.