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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Featured Artisan...BOLO Designs

Do you want to play Dominoes? No? Well, Angel from BOLOdesigns may take you up on that offer if you let her keep the Dominoes after the game! Angel makes beautiful pendants out of Dominoes for her Etsy shop and local sales. Angel allowed Blockhead Radio to pick her brain a little and we happily share what we learned.

Angel doesn't just stop at Domino pendants, she also works with photography, painting, paper-maiche, and re-junking. It is easy to imagine she would try any art if given the time and opportunity! Time is definitely something Angel thinks about, because when asked how she thought she could improve her craft, she replied, "I would love to give it [her craft] more of my time. I work 90 miles from home so I only actually get to work on it about 8 hours a week!"

Due to time constraints, she does not blog or work on any other venues at the moment, but we think those tasks will be on her to-do list soon! She's been crafting in one form or another "forever", so we see big things in her future! Angel has only been on Etsy a short time, mostly selling in her latest hometown, Slidell, LA (coincidentally, the hometown of BHR's very own Amy the Awesome Possum!) Slidell is 30 miles north of New Orleans, which by the way, Angel properly pronounces "New Or-lens", although she will on occasion say "Naw'lins"! New Orleans has a plethora of artistic inspirations and Angel says she draws her inspirations from "EVERYTHING! Books, magazines, nature, TV....even a crumpled up piece of newspaper is all I need to get my mind working." Angel's favorite piece is her "golden tree series." You really must check that series out, it is gorgeous.

One thing that is alluring about the pendants Angel creates is that they are jewelry you can wear every day (even to the beach!), but due to their beauty, you can happily show them off as a piece of art! Pendant art on a budget--exactly what people need these days!

Angel is "originally from Houston, Tx but now lives outside New Orleans. She has interior design degree but has always enjoyed the building-planning-creating part more than the actual shopping-decorating part. She is always in constant motion and usually has 10 projects going on at one time! She always tries to come up with a new way to use a material. After hurricane Katrina, she decided to make her art out of salvaged materials. Most recently she began using scraps of plywood left over from the neighbors windows to make canvases."

We all know handmade artists love to buy handmade and if money were no object, Angel would love "a kiln and a huge printer for my photography. And I'm in love with big wing backed chairs. I love them and I don't know why. I don't think I've actually ever sat in one. But I think they are beautiful! I've seen a few on Magazine St., in the city [New Orleans], that I want-want-want!!!! And there is a particular one on Etsy that I've fallen in love with... That would be my big handmade personal purchase, definitely!"

BOLOdesigns is definitely a site to keep your eye on, and of course, should you enjoy any of her work, you can pick up a piece just for yourself! Blockhead Radio invites you to peruse her shop and maybe just drop her a comment, give her a heart or encouraging word!

BOLOdesigns, dominoes anyone?


Walk in the Woods said...

Cool domino pendants ... The Ghost Tree is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Excellent write up.



Anonymous said...

I love the creativity. Very good mind. Hope to see more and more interesting thing come from BOLODesigns.