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Monday, June 29, 2009

5 Days of PIGGY

Written and illustrated by Shannon Ivins. A book about life on an animal rescue from the animals point of view. The book follows a group of rescued pot bellied pigs around the animal rescue allowing you to read about their lives and see what they think. The book is written for all ages young and old. A couple people who have read it suggested that it be classified as an educational book as it teaches you about pigs as you read. The book is 54 pages long, 20 bright full colored drawings. SOFTCOVER.

Our good friend Shannon has received a publishing contract for this book. So in celebration she is giving 5 autographed copies to our listeners. One a day, Monday through Friday. The copy you will receive is one from the books that she had self published. So there are pre 1st edition and will be a collectors item. We know she will have great success.

It's easy to win, just keep those players open and when you hear it's time to call in. Shannon will be personally autographing your book to you.

Check out the listing here.......just in case you don't win.

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