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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who Loves Cake?

The founder and owner of She Loves Cake and Glutenada is on Chocolate Covered Bacon-The Best in Independent Food Finds, this Thursday at 6 PM EST on Blockhead Radio.  Cherie has been in business for several years now catering to the needs of those with a Gluten Free diet.  Cherie may take the gluten out, but she never sacrifices on the flavor. So whether you want to bake your own baked goods with Glutenada's mixes, or get some already baked for you, you will love what she has to offer.

Chocolate Covered Bacon-The Best independent Food Finds comes on Thursdays at 6 PM EST on Blockhead Radio.  We focus on a new independent food producer each week.  So be sure to stop in and see what we have to satisfy your cravings.  Go to Blockhead Radio, pop a player, and join us in chat for a load of fun each week.

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Walk in the Woods said...

I'm looking forward to this show and to sharing news of it with others!