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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Artisan Showcase you can be apart of it too!

Blockhead Radio has created an Awesome Artisan Showcase !

Artisan can send in a bio and then a page is dedicated to where you sell at!

Visitors find the Artisan Showcase right on the front page where artisans links scroll, visitors click to the Showcase and can navigate each page with the alphabetical link bar.

This is Great advertising for shops, because BHR caterers to listeners that are potential buyers of the artisans.

The Artisan Showcase will be plugged on the radio throughout the week, and also there is promotional banners that will be used to advertise with there is also a page being made for the showcase in the Artisan Directory.

Spots are very limited because of the Amount of pages, but when you sign up to get your spot get this its $10 for life!! that means you pay a one time page set up fee of $10 and your Showcase page stays for life, or however ling YOU want it up. No monthly fees just the $10 page set up fee!

You can visit the Showcase pages here Visit Artisan Showcase

BHR welcomes all artisans any style to join into the Showcase. BHR Grows weekly with unique visits and Banner advertisers have been averaging 8,000 impressions a day!

Come grab your spot click here to visit Artisan Showcase Navigate through the Black Text bar on top and see the You could be here click on that to learn more!

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