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Monday, June 1, 2009

Will you be found this Holiday season?

Can you believe its June 1st!! WOW. Before you know it the Holiday Season will be upon us. People will be looking for gift ideas and gearing for Christmas.

This year in time for the Holiday season BHR is putting together an Artisan Directory. Which will be available online for Free and marketed to buyers! There will also be a Print Version available. BHR also plans on sending a few Hard Copy Magazine to some key marketing people.

Buyers will be able to browse the Directory and find Artisans to purchase from. Its a great way to get your shop out there. You can also offer coupons in the back of the directory to feed traffic to your shops.

There is:
1/4 page ad for $7.50
1/2 page ads for $15.00
Full page ads for $30.00

The full and half page ads are very limited. BHR wanted to make this Directory assessable to all artisans, a way to get noticed with buyers looking to find handmade goods and original items from Artisans across the world!

As to date we are on page 22 of the directory. There are also many articles, written throughout the directory. Telling about the Artisan worlds, and featuring many types of Artisan Styles.

You can reserve your spot by purchasing today they are on a first come first serve basis, and once spots are taken we will not be able to add more. Information must be received by July 1st!

What else is great? BHR Makes your Ads for FREE yes Free! so for as little as $7.50 you can get your shop out to the World for the Holiday Season The first issue is out August 1st!!

Come get your spot today don't miss out what many have already reserved Purchase your spots here at the BHR Artfire Shop you do not have to be registered on Artfire to buy off Artfire!

The Artisan Directory is for any Artisan crafters no matter where you sell at:
1000 Markets
Fine Art America
Anyone that creates is welcome to join!

BHR wants you all to have a place in the Holiday edition of the Artisan Directory!

Get your spot today before they are gone The Directory is filling up faster than we thought!! Which means it will be a GREAT magazine for the 1st edition for the Holidays!!

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