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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chocolate Covered Larry!

What a great show tonight. I had a very special guest on tonight! Cyn Sorensen the editor of the 48 for Larry Video on youtube, was kind enough to join me on the air. Cyn and myself with the help of many other concerned people, worked together to come up with a great video to help support the 48 for Larry radiothon and silent auction that will be happening this weekend on Blockhead Radio. So we started off the show talking about the video and all those that helped out. We also got to look at some of the great items that are available on the 48 for Larry silent auction pages. I admitted that there were many that I had already bid on, and challenged many to attempt to outbid me! We shall see! With so many great items and not marking which I had already bid on, I might have to outbid myself!

Cyn and I had a great time on the air, and I would love to do more shows with her in the future. I tell you she is a radio star in the works! Thank you Cyn for coming on the air and for doing everything you are to support 48 for Larry!

Join us next week on Chocolate Covered Bacon-The best in independent food finds! Where we will bring up some delightful items to satisfy your cravings. You never know what I've got in store to dance along your taste buds!

--James, The ClosetCreature, your host

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