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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Give Yourself Permission ~ In the Garden

If you weren't able to join us In the Garden this week, I will do my best - in this post - to make catching up as easy for you as I am able.

I mean, you can listen to our Melissa Ale Follow-Up next week at Podcast on Demand or follow the In the Garden trail right here on this blog to get some of the good information to help you start making your own simple herbal homebrews like the one that was shared last week. In addition you can follow the Ale-n-Homebrew trail at my blog, What I Made Today.

But the bottom line, my friend, is to give yourself permission to relax, be creative, make a mess, HAVE FUN!

By playing with simple herbal ale brewing you'll discover the confidence to tackle more complex recipes, to try your hand at brewing lagers, to make wines and meads and even old school soft drinks.

And remember, you can take a look at some helpful images at our In the Garden Flickr Group, and post your garden and garden-inspired creations there too!

So relax, have a homebrew and be sure to join us In the Garden us next Thursday at 11:30 AM, ET only at Blockhead Radio. Slainte!

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