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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday Nite SKAT Show... What did those gals talk about?

No, seriously y'all... what was it that Huck, Rocker and myself talked about last night?

I was there and honestly I couldn't even sum it up for ya in a nice coherent manner. But that is the sheer fun of the S.K.A.T. Show. Its much ado about nothing and made up completely on the fly!

I will try my best to give a recap and if I'm not completely sure then I'm just gonna make it up. Even if you were there chances are you couldn't tell any of us what it was we covered.

So, I think we started the show off in our usual manner. Then we talked about THIS... followed by a little of THAT. Of course talking about THAT led to the topic known as OTHER.

I'm sure there was mention of kittens being dragged...

Rocker's Pa making a homemade diving board that pretty much is the epitome of her country roots...

More talk of Nuts (mostly because we missed "HuffNuts" which means I regretfully missed my Monday night visual). That kind of segwayed into Rocker earning her Nut name of "Butchered Nuts" while I became "Wicked Nuts" and Huck became "Squirt Nuts"...

Then we poked a dog with a dead stick. No, not really. But we did talk about the fact that asking someone to censor art just because it isn't to your own taste is just plain wrong. So for the few haters out there... just know that you are greatly outnumbered by the admirers.

Yeah. You had to be there. And you really should be there every Monday night at 9pm EST. In fact if you don't show up it has been scientifically proven that every S.K.A.T. show you miss takes seven years off your life. (Okay, I made that up.)


Huckleberry Arts said...

Oh you recapped Great !!! Exactly how I remember ;)

agoodwitchtoo said...

LOL! Except it should read poked a dead dog with a stick... not poked a dog with a DEAD stick :P!

Anonymous said...

OH... so thats what we talked about!
Butchered Nuts, OUT!