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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Last Night at the SKAT Show...

The wonderful redneck Canadian, Lillet (pronounced LIL-AY) called in and gave us a hard time and we loved every minute of it. We did learn a little something amidst the chatter and laughter though: there are swamps in Canada. Eh?

Of course we touched on quite a few scholarly topics as well in between all the brain farts and um... bomb dropping. Which I'm sad to report will be remembered far more than our genius plan to balance the national deficit.

Honestly it doesn't even matter right now what it is that happened last night. What matters right now is that we all focus our attention on a very important event starting this Friday.

The 48 for Larry Radiothon kicks off at 6pm. If you've managed to miss all the hoopla leading up to and surrounding this special event we urge you to read more about it HERE.

So spread the word, pop those players, and gear up for 48 for Larry!


Huckleberry Arts said...

LOL we still love ya witchy I will be laughing all week lol

And awesome it was to talk to lillet

And woo hoo over 300 items so far for the auction YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

paintingpam said...

I was there last night and I didn't hear Lillet!! I'm so sad!!