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Monday, November 17, 2008

Code to Know.......Sidebar Sales

Ready for another way to sell you items from your blog. What about those wonderful sidebars that you have all those widgets on? Below is the instructions and code to do it.

First thing is to know the width in pixels that your sidebars are. If you do not know, here is an easy way to find out. Go to your layout page and click on "add a gadget". Scroll down to the Picture and click on it. At the bottom you will see a check box "shrink to fit". Under that it will tell you the width. Click on cancel and close that out.

Now go to your photo hosting service. i.e. flicker, photobucket, picasa, etc. You need to select the image you are going to use and re size the width to match the width of you sidebar. Save the new image. Leave this browser open, we will need information from it.

To make things easy open up Notepad. Notepad is the best html editor out there. Copy and paste the code below.

All the wording in between the <> are tags. Do not change or delete any of the <>'s.

1. Title of Item.....delete and put in your title.

2. img src. This is your photo. Remember when you re sized it. Now go back to that tab and right click on the photo. It brings up another window. Click on properties. This brings up a smaller window. The third line down is the url address. Copy from the http:// to the end of the line. Now highlight this is the http address from photo hosting service and delete. Now it is important that you do not delete the " ". Paste in the url address you had copied from your photo service. I showed this for the hardest way to get the url. Many photo hosting services have the url address right with the photo. That is the same url I had you retrieve from properties.

3. Type your description in here...highlight and delete. This is the easy part. Just type in your info here.

4. Price...highlight and delete. I like to include shipping with the price and state that

5. Paypal button code here.....highlight and delete. Insert the code from Paypal here. You can make a Paypal button by logging into Paypal and clicking on the merchant services tab.

There ya go. Now go back to your blog layout. Click on 'add a gadget'. Scroll down to the 'html/java' and click on that. Now copy and paste the code from your notepad into the box. Click on save and place where you would like on your sidebar.

When done it should look like this:


What is IZ? A combination of nightmares. The topknot from the samurai. Being stranded on Easter Island. The Cyclops from the Odyssey. So here’s my nightmare to you. 6 3/4" Tall. All hand formed, no molds used. Signed, Dated, and Numbered 1/1. Shipped U.S.P.S. Priority Mail. Price Includes Shipping to address' in the U.S.

p.s. IZ is for sale :)


Jenn said...

Thank you so much for sharing your code know how. It's so helpful to people like me without that background! I can't wait for your book!!


Anonymous said...

Yet another thank you for your never-ending helpfulness!