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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I just want to say

Hats off to all the artisans that give the time to create, market and help others. It such a little gesture that means the world to others! It is great to be surronded with all the guest on the radio show that goes the extra mile to help others!!


Johanna said...

Again thanks for promoting the LEST ETSY TEAM Food For Beads Project. I throughly enjoyed the show and am seriously thinking about a blog so hurry and get that book done!
You might also want to check out this Etsy artisan - she has a wonderful "free tutorial" that goes with this item. Well worth the read;)

uniquecommodities said...

Last night was an awesome show and very educational! I could not write fast enough and was so excited to hear that John would be posting recap notes! Thanks for everything!