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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recap of Sean Gill Interview

If you missed our interview with Indie Music Artist Sean Gill, you missed a lot. Sean was one of the best guest I have had on Blockhead Radio. We kicked back and talked like old friends and listened to his music. Sean is a member of the band Strange Land and actually gave us a preview of some of the song from their upcoming CD. We were the first people that the band shared their new music with. How great is that. You can listen to the entire show here.

You can find Sean on the Internet at the following locations: search Sean Gill

You can find out more about Strange Land here:

Sean's CD "This Is What It Sounds Like Inside My Head" is available as a free download here along with his and Strange Lands other Cd's available for purchase. Do not miss out on the opportunity to pick up these Cd's. The price is as almost as awesome as the music. I know we are going to be picking up a couple for Cheyenne for Christmas. She loves the music by Sean and Strange Land.

We look forward to the new CD from Strange Land and a new solo one from Sean Gill. Once they are out, we will be sharing them with you on Blockhead Radio.

I want to thank Sean for coming on with us last night. It was a treat for me.

Check out the entire show here.

Here are the details on upcoming shows:

Strange Land/Julie B Well/Thin The Herd
Saturday Nov. 29th
Vnuk's Lounge
5036 South Packard Ave
Cudahy, WI
$5 cover

Strange Land/Tiles/Discipline (Tiles and Disciplince are both from the Detroit area.)
Saturday Dec 13th
Vnuk's Lounge
5036 South Packard Ave
Cudahy, WI
$10 cover


Kristine said...

Hi there ROd!!!
There is an award for you on my blog!!
Sorry, it is pink!!!!...ROFL...
but wanted to let ya know you are appreciated for all you do!!
Kitsch N Sink

guitarsean said...

Thanks for the show Rod, keep up the good work!

agoodwitchtoo said...

Enjoyed (what I heard) of the show last night, Plugger Lugger! Gonna have a listen soon to hear what I missed.