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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recap Monday 11/17 Artisan for Artisan Show

What a surprise it was. We had too much fun and scared off Debra Linker with the chipmunks song :) A good group of listeners out there in the Internet world and a lively chat room. A Good Witch Too and I talked about.........I'm not sure what we covered. Witch was having a sneak attack, her awesome contest (hey, do I get another entry for this), many references to butt bubbles (check out the new government warning here), and so much more. Huckleberry Arts did an awesome write up on last nights show. Go check it out.

Don't forget to check in on Lampwork etc, Etsy Street Team and the Beads for Food drive their team is doing this month. What a great group and I'm sure you will be hearing more about them on Blockhead Radio.

Couple announcements about how we plan to grow Blockhead Radio. Stay tuned for more on that.

Thanks to everybody out there that are writing such great posts about Blockhead Radio and putting our player on their sites. If it was not for all of you it would just be a couple fools talking on the phone. Thanks from all the crew.

Blockheaders pay if forward. We found out one of our fellow artisans' husbands will be getting laid off from work. We jumped on the band wagon and went to her shop. We offered some great incentives and to find out what they are, just give Mondays show a listen. For those that have bought something, please let us know.

Tweets of the Week

Thanks to all of our Permanent Plugs. Check them out they are listed to the right.


Fluttering Designs said...

Just wanted to thank you again for a fun night last night! I loved paying it forward and I can't wait to wear the cute hat I bought. The King Plugger Lugger ROCKS!!

TiLT said...

Woo Hoo Plugger Lugger!!!
That chipmunk song rocked! Had my son in stitches for the rest of the night! He is begging me to find it for him...I may do just that & sneak it into his stocking on Xmas :)
Thanks for another entertaining Monday!