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Monday, November 3, 2008

Join The Witch for a Sneak Attack!!!

Okay, so that sounds much more devious than it actually is... But if you're into being sneaky and surprises then head on over to the thread and help me keep it bumped for a good cause!!

Not sure what a SNEAK ATTACK is all about??? You can read all about it at The Handmade Movement!

Tonight's Sneak Attack starts at 7pm EST and the shop that is going to get sneak attacked is....

HA! I'm not telling! Guess you'll just have to head over to the thread and/or show up around 7 pm to find out.

Then listen in on the radio show tonight to find out how my first sponsorship of a Sneak Attack went... I'll share the trials, the triumphs, successes, failures, tears and smiles of my first attempt!

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Anonymous said...

Who wuvs you Witchy!