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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Inspiration Time

Hi everyone! Paula here! Thanks so much for catching my show the last few weeks and if you have not had a chance to tune in yet- please check it out on Monday Nights at 7PM (EST) You can also check out past shows via the podcast on demand.

Last week was the first time that I was doing the show "live" and my guest host Lori of Risky Beads and I talked about the excitement of the indie arts industry. I got a bit off track and veered a bit from the "Inspirational" format- and I want to let you know that next week, I will be back on track. Additionally, I have some wonderful new things in store for you!

First of all, after popular demand, I am bringing back the horoscopes (collective scream of joy inserted here)

Many of you know me from the handmade community, however- what many of you may not know is that I have worked as a professional astrologer/psychic for over 20 years. I took a couple years off to pursue some other interest and to be honest- to take a break. Well, it is time for me to take up my life's work once again.

That being said- I will be taking calls and giving readings over the air beginning with the next show! I will take a few calls from callers who are seeking some insight on a pressing issue/question. So, please tune in next week and join me on this new adventure.

To learn a little bit more about me and my readings- you can check out

Until next week- be inspired! Love, Paula