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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Loads of Fun on Inspiration Time

Boy, you missed out on a bunch of fun if you were not here Monday for Inspiration Time! I talked about "energy" (not fuel, but personal energy) for the first part of the show.....

Then, I took questions from listeners and gave Live psychic/intuitive readings! That was a blast- lots of great questions. Although, so many people were to shy to call in- so, most of the questions were asked via private chat! LOL

Don't be shy guys! Just think of it as you are talking on the phone- turn off the show while you are on the phone with me and you will not have to hear yourself! For that time, it is just you and me- you do not have to use your real name if you do not want too!!

So, I need some brave souls to stop in next week and call the show for some insight! I have a feeling that it is going to start to be a very popular segment. I will only have time to take a few calls or answer a few questions via PM.

If you would like a personal/private reading- you can check out my website at JUST FOR BHR Listeners- I will offer a 30 minute phone reading for only $35.00 I do not offer this option on my website- so, when you contact me- just mention you saw this on the BHR blog.

Until Next Week- XOXOX Paula

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