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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are You the Biggest Stalker?

Well, you need to show the world! How are you the biggest stalker? The competition is fierce but it's early in the month!! What will you do to show your stalking abilities?

The Current Stalker is Skyline Candle Company!

Be sure to check out the bonus points also, fabulous stalking by LoveToStamp, Aunti Franni, StitchNLove, Pigatopia and SweetDBows.

How can you be the Biggest Stalker?

Follow Our Blog
Follow Chris Huff's Blog
Follow Patti on Twitter
Friend us on Plurk
Add the Player to Your Blog
Share Blockhead Radio business cards (email to learn which ones to use and for good deals)
Share BHR's URL on your shops, blogs, twitters, plurks, etc.
Hang a BHR sign at craft shows, parties, etc.
Join the BHR Clubhouse on
Follow Blockhead Rod, Witchy, Huck and all BHR staff on Twitter
Create something BHR related
Join the Artfire Stalkers Guild
Make a YouTube video proclaiming your love for BHR.
Make a photo slideshow/movie (MovieMaker on Windows is helpful for this) about BHR (USE PODCAST SAFE MUSIC ONLY PLEASE!)
Tattoo BHR on your forehead...oh wait..maybe TEMPORARILY Tattoo BHR on your body?

The list is of all you can just use YOUR creative (and sometimes frightening) brain to come up with even more possibilities! Don't for one second ever think there is a guaranteed winner early on in NEVER know who is stalking quietly. We ARE watching...(in the bushes with night vision goggles sometimes...I see you James....)

The point is, use your lovely, creative brain and have at it! Share your stalking here!

Happy Stalking!

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