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Thursday, May 7, 2009

LiberTEAS on Chocolate Covered Bacon!

We had another wonderful show tonight. Anne from LiberTEAS was with us, and shared a great deal of information with us about tea. She talked about what I discovered was her most popular question, “How to brew tea properly?” Every tea that is brewed is has a different temperature and time, to get the optimum flavor. Anne explained how with some teas, such as green tea, you must use a lower temperature in order not to scorch the tea. Using a temperature that is too hot for the tea will cause it to have the bitterness that some people do not like. With the green tea the best water temperature is NOT boiling, but instead between 160-180 F and is best to be brewed for only 2-3 minutes in the water, hotter water will burn the Green Tea and a longer time may make the tea more astringent than you may like.

We also discovered some great blends that she has. Chocolate Rose Romance is the one that got LiberTEAS started and is still her favorite to this day. Some of the special blends that she makes are made with the help of an Herbologist to help combat allergy symptoms. The Alergi-Teas, as they are called, look amazing in the pictures, and I suggest you try one! All of Anne teas are specially blended to meet her high standards and come in a tin or, if you already have the tin, you can buy the refill bags. They also come with individual brewing instructions for each tea, to ensure that you get the best flavor each time.

You can visit LiberTEAS at any of her stores on Artfire, MadeItMyslef or 1000Markets. Anne also maintains a Tea blog and a blog for her other crafts, and you can visit her art shop on Etsy if you like. I would like to thank Anne for a great show, we will definitely need to have her back again, as we barely broke the surface of everything she does! Next Thursday on Chocolate Covered Bacon-The best in independent food finds, at 6PM EST, we have Emmy’s Organics with some wonderful sweets to satisfy your cravings. They are organic and gluten free!

--James ~ ClosetCreature of Birdy's Knits, your Host for Chocolate Covered Bacon-The best in independent food finds

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