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Friday, May 1, 2009

Go Amish with Tough Times Show

wildwood and skyline say "Let's go to market". Join us for a special guest on TOUGH TIMES: Darin from The Feed Mill! Darin runs an Amish market in the tiny town of Nolensville, TN and he shares his thoughts on the thrify Amish.

You'll have to tune in Tuesday morning to find out... why there's a wagon wheel in the cemetery...ever heard of a wreath made from turkey feathers?...and most important find out where are the pies!

Also, our listeners will follow the Weekly Experiment; in which wildwood takes a tip through the paces. This week you'll get the scoop on "Mayo Mask" tip: use mayonnaise as a facial mask for soft, smooth skin. Hey, the self-portrait photos alone will be worth a good laugh!!!

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