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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mom's Cafe Gets Photographic!

Last nights edition of Mom's Cafe was chocked full of photographic goodness! We had two awesome guests, ChainMaille Lady and Diana from Night Maiden. Both ladies gave some fantastic advice on taking great photos for the items you list and sell online!

So, the good news is both of our guests agreed that you don't have to have a fancy schmancy camera to take great pictures! Some very good advice we received was to "learn your camera". This may seem like "duh" but honestly, do you know what all those buttons and gizmos on your camera really do? I know that I don't! After last nights show, I am pulling out my manual today to see what else I can do with my Camera!

Some very good tips we got we're about backgrounds: If you have an item that is light in color, try a darker background and vice versa for dark colored items. Remember, don't let your background be busier than your item, this is very important because you never want to draw attention away from your items.

Don't forget when taking photos of smaller items like jewelry, to use your macro setting on your camera, this will allow you to get the close up shots you need without blurring or fuzzy pics. Both of our guests suggested using natural outdoor light for great shots or a light box. ChainMaille Lady also suggested that the Light Box she had made was better than the one she had bought!

After you get your camera set up, lets think about how you would like to display your items. You can't just leave it laying on a table. This is your hard work! The only way anyone will truly appreciate it, is if you photograph it in a positive light. We must take as much care in our photography as we took in creating our items! Suggestions for props are models, flowers, store bought props. For example, some great props are found in nature! Use flowers, leaves, stones, trees, grass, anything that is naturally beautiful to your advantage! So long as it doesn't take away from the beauty of your item you can use it!

Also, think of things that go along with your items. If you have a sewn item, you can use spools of thread or scissors as props. Soap, can use rubber duckies and bath tubs. There are always more creative ways to take your photographs to attract the attention of potential buyers!

The last and most important advice we received was : Don't give up! Keep on until you get it right! Take lots and lots of pictures of items to get that perfect shot! Fill up ALL the slots in your listings! Show all the angles and maybe a different background too.

All in all, photography of your items will not come to you overnight. This is something that will be perfected with time. Just like it took you a while to learn your craft, photography is the same way!

We enjoyed having our guests on last night and learned so much! Don't forget to catch Mom's Cafe on Blockhead Radio Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern with Rockerchic and Mama's Little Monkeys! We promise next weeks show will have some more stinkin' awesome tips for your online handmade shops!

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