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Friday, May 1, 2009

Honey Child Designs

Last night I had the privilege of interviewing Nicole of Honey Child Designs. Nicole specializes in making jewelry that is designed to enhance your life through the stones and crystals she chooses to use. I love what it says in the introduction to her shop, so I'll let you read her own words.

"Inspired by the healing energy of crystals, Nicole hand selects and delicately handcrafts every piece. She begins the process of creating her signature Agate pendants by looking deeply into each slice of Earth, examining its wonder and with awareness, Nicole closely studies its uniquely intricate and extraordinary properties. Then, she marries it - stone by stone and gem by gem - with other healing crystals, carefully assembling each piece with a nurturing spirit, to ultimately awaken the magical and meaningful properties of her One-of-a-Kind works of art. "

Nicole went to film school, and has had the privilege of working in several different areas in that industry. Right now she works a day job, and does her jewelry at nights and on the weekend, but some day she dreams of opening her own crystal shop. She told me last night that she can picture herself as that eccentric lady who try's to convince every customer about how much crystals can enhance their lives. 

One thing that really impressed me about Nicole is that she really knows her stuff. She's done a lot of research into crystals and the chakra's, and it shows in her passion when she talks about it! 

~ Ruthie ~


Walk in the Woods said...

Looks like it was a great show - sorry I missed it! Her work is lovely and really resonates with me!

pigatopia said...

This was a fregan awesome show