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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A BeWitching Find

Look at these cute creations just screaming out to be loved! Sudey Babes is a shop just brimming with adorable handmade designer teddy bears.

These teddies are truly incredible works of collectible art... meaning they are not intended for small children.

Hand stitched and fully jointed using either mohair, alpaca or luxury faux furs one can only imagine the time and love put into every bear. Replete with beautiful glass eyes and cute embroidered noses that add to the whimsy of every teddy bear.

No two bears are every precisely alike, which means that each one is just brimming with personality and attitude.

Visit Sudey Babes to admire the many unique teddy bears that are looking for a new forever home. Remember, these bears are all lovingly handcrafted and looking for a forever home! Its totally appropriate to "ooh" and "ahh" over the warm and fuzzies you're sure to feel with a glimpse into this shop!

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