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Friday, May 22, 2009

Eating from the Earth - In the Garden

This week's show honored the burgeoning spring and the coming of summer. It mirrored an article that is in the current release of The Door Opener magazine. It was all about this amazing "growing season" that I'm experiencing in my little corner of the world. It was all about Eating from the Earth.

In essence, I shared some personal thoughts, a few favored green foods, both cultivated and wild, and invited you, kind listener, to leverage your locally grown food options. I encouraged you to visit your local Farmers’ Markets to pick up some old favorites and to try some new delicacies that you simply can’t find in any supermarket. I asked you to buy a share in a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and delight in the weekly bounty that it offers. And, of course, I invited you to grow and nurture something yourself, be it in a pot on your windowsill or a patch of land, to enjoy with your loved ones as you share your experiences eating from the earth together at your dining table. 

Be sure to join us on air and in the chat room next Thursday In the Garden for Infuse Your Life at 11:30 AM, eastern when we will explore some basics of nutrition and how simply you can Infuse Your Life - with Nutritional Herbal Infusions.

See you then!

Host of In the Garden

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