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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blockhead Radio Artisan Directory

For the August 1st publication. There will be a Artisan Section (front of Magazine) and Supplies (middle of magazine) and coupons in the back. Articles will be included throughout the magazine. Coupons are limited to 50 words and you may include up to 2 coupons with your bought ad. No designing needed on your end. You simply send me your written information.

You may also buy a 1/2 page and full page spot, but these spots are limited, and must email me for informationRead more hereOr visit The Radio Website and click on advertisingAds are accepted on first come basis.BHR reserves the right to refuse any advertisement. The Supply Section is limited to Suppliers of the Artisan and Crafters Suppliers The Magazine will be available for FREE download and there will also be a hard copy version available.

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