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Friday, May 1, 2009

We've Never Made Advertising More Fun!

Is the thought of advertising your online business boring you? Is it turning your brain to pudding? Well here at Blockhead Radio, we have the cure for pudding brain!

All of our Stinkin' Awesome hosts have come together for a little "friendly competition". When you buy an ad on Blockhead Radio, you now can choose the BHR Personality you would like to be the voice of your commercial!

Thats right! If you have a favorite host, or just have a particular preference you can pick the voice that fits you! And believe me, any of us would be more than willing to voice your ads!

You can choose from many of our hosts:

Gena from Creative Animal Relief, Mondays at 7pm

DeDe Sorensen from Outside the Frame, Wednesdays at 1pm

Walk in the Woods from In the Garden, 11:30 am Thursdays

Rockerchic from The SKAT show, Mondays at 9pm, and Mom's Cafe, Wednesdays at 9pm

Larry, The Crazy Train Conductor

James from Chocolate Covered Bacon, Thursdays at 6pm

Wildwood or Skyline from Tough Times, Tuesdays at 11:30 am

Mama from Mom's Cafe, Wednesdays at 9pm

Chain from New Discoveries, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm

Ruthie from Spotlight On, Thursdays at 9pm

As always if you would prefer, you can choose Charlie the Crazy Chipmunk, Witchy, or Rod (from the morning Brew Ha Ha, and other shows). OR you could just NOT choose, and let us pick the voice that fits your shop!

Currently, a 1,000 impression ad runs $15! You can renew your ad for $7.50! We also will need a 240x240 image for our player to make a clickable link to your website!

You can email to reserve your ad today!

And if you need more info:


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Awesome write up Rocker!

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks!